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Why do Writers Write?

By Kate Johnston | October 30, 2017

Understanding your purpose as a writer is one of the most important offensive strategies you can take on your journey. Why do writers write? The reasons abound, and if you want to be productive and joyful as you write, then you should figure out your reason. First, it’s important to … READ MORE

Do you want to make the time to write?

By Kate Johnston | November 13, 2017

About 12 years ago, I began to write at 4:00 in the mornings because of my youngest child’s sleeping troubles. Back then, I was inconvenienced and annoyed. Eventually, though, I realized I had unwittingly stumbled upon the magical time of day to write (for me). My creativity responded to these … READ MORE

Characteristics of a Writer

By Kate Johnston | September 15, 2017

A couple of writing pals of mine once got into a debate over whether to characterize a mutual friend as a writer. She penned a novel-length journal of her summers with her grandmother. She had no intention of publishing the material or sharing it with anyone. She merely wanted to … READ MORE

The Truth About Writing Magic

By Kate Johnston | October 16, 2017

Seems to me the best reason to write is because we want to create something no one else has read, seen, or heard before. Essentially making the unreal real. Writing magic. But writers often fumble and stumble along the way, and soon, that desire to create writing magic fades like … READ MORE

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