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Hey there, Writers!

Swinging through with a special announcement! I’m running a writing prompt challenge this week along with my good friend and excellent writer, Mayumi Hirtzel, author of Number Seven and the Life Left Behind.

The purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to write without fear or pressure to perform. To simply write because you love to write.

Writing challenge Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

But Mayumi and I also want to sweeten the deal with a prize!

The challenge  will run from Tuesday May 26, 2020 to Monday June 1, 2020.  Mayumi came up with two writing prompt options (below). You can submit as many pieces as you like (each one no longer than 250 words) and submit  to any of the following sites:

Here–in the comment section below

FACEBOOK (biz page)

TEAM WRITER (my free writing group)


Winners will be drawn randomly—so there is no need to worry about quality of your writing. This is all about encouraging you to write anything, without the pressure of performance. To enjoy the process and the journey!

Winners will be announced on June 2, 2020 through a live name-pulling-out-of-the-hat on IG and FB. I’ll also contact winners directly.

Prizes—each winner will receive 30 minutes of coaching or editing from me. Depending on the needs of each winner, this could take place via Zoom, a phone call, or an email exchange.

There are two prompts that you can choose from. Please submit pieces no longer than 250 words. You may title your submission if you like. You can also enter as many times as you like, using either or both of the prompts!

Ready for the prompts…?

Full sentence prompt: “You’ll never lose if you don’t play. But you’ll never win, either.”

One-word prompt: Jackpot!

You can submit your piece in the comment section below, or at any of the social media links I provided above. Any questions? Just ask below!

Have a writerly day!

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Challenge”

  1. Keep Trying

    Sera looked over at the girl and said, “You’ll never lose if you don’t play. But you’ll never win, either.”
    The girl scrunched up her face and looked up. “What?” She smiled. “If you don’t do anything you will never be hurt, right?”
    The girl nod yes. She looked out the window. “You love to paint.”
    “If you stop painting will you every became a great artist?”
    “Will anyone ever congregate you?”
    “How many paintings did you make that you dislike?”
    “A lot.”
    “Are you making more paintings that you dislike now or do you hate the ones last year more?”
    “Last year’s suck.”
    “Because there not good.”
    “But didn’t mom and dad say they were good.”
    “Yes,” the girl frowned.
    “So you think they suck, mom and dad think they are good. So why keep painting if in the future you will dislike your work?”
    “So I could get better.”
    “Right, so you keep painting to learn to paint even if they’re not pretty because in the future you will love your work. Right?”
    “You’ll never have any friends if you don’t talk with others. Keep trying and you will find a friend. If you don’t you’ll have nothing. And you don’t want that.”
    “Yes.” the girl mumbled.
    Sera pulled up and looked back at her niece. “Keep trying and you might lose or you might win and gain a friend.”
    “Okay.” She said and got out. She waved goodbye to her brother.


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