Story Assessment

Do you have a completed manuscript draft but you just aren't quite sure what your next step is? Or maybe you have a rough draft that can't seem to get past your gag-test.  Perhaps you just need fresh eyes on a book that's been on your heart and mind long enough ...

Fret not. I got you.

Book a Story Assessment with me. I'll help you make the pivot from your current draft to your next step--whether it's to publish, find a beta reader, query an agent, revise, hire an editor--whatever you and your story need. I will give you clarity and direction.


A story assessment is a big picture review of your manuscript, no matter what shape it’s in. I assess your structure, character arcs, point of view(s), setting(s), major turning points, narrative, scene structure, and dialogue.

I will read, review, and send you an assessment letter detailing your story's strengths and weaknesses. I will point out which elements need tightening or clarification. I’ll flag possible plot holes, loose threads, and implausibilities.

Examples of issues I scan for in my story assessments:

-superfluous characters/points of view

-vague setting

-sagging middle

-scenes that "float"

-forced dialogue

-ultra-long narrative or exposition

-low tension

Don't worry--you'll have great stuff in there too and I'll be sure to point it out!

My story assessment will arm you with information and inspiration to help you pivot toward your next step. This is a great opportunity for you to take some time away from a draft, as mental and physical breaks from projects are vital.

Please note: this is a big-picture assessment that focuses mainly on structure, plot, and character arcs. This type of assessment does not include scene level feedback.

If you are looking for more in-depth help, please ask me about my content, developmental, or copy editing services.


Book your assessment in December at a special rate and schedule it any time in 2019! Comment below for more information

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