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The journey holds the key to success, so I am a firm believer in the value of capitalizing on our strengths, overcoming our challenges, facing down our fears, and setting intentions with positivity, clarity, and confidence.

My one-on-one coaching programs are customized to you, designed to help you move forward in your writing journey—no matter your launching point, no matter your destination.

I handcraft each lesson based on your vision, values, goals, and level of experience. Each lesson follows directly from the one before so there are no gaps to fill, no guesswork on your end, no mysterious loopholes or loose ends. The personalized material will help you stay on track, keep you motivated and loving your story, and help you learn how to identify ideas that can propel a story forward and thoroughly engage your readers.

Destination : Author


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A 12-month program for writers who have a story idea and a framework or synopsis with a beginning, middle, and end.

This package includes two manuscript critiques (rough draft and one full revision), monthly Zoom meetings, downloadable lessons, bi-weekly assignments that include feedback from me, and email access to me.

During the last month of this program, we will co-create a post-revision plan that covers final editing decisions, publishing options, submitting to competitions or magazines, marketing, and more.


The Writer's Adventure


A six-month program for writers who have a story idea with a framework or synopsis that shows beginning, middle, and end. This package includes one manuscript critique, downloadable lessons, Zoom meetings, assignments and/or prompts, and email access to me.

At the end of the six months you will have one draft completed (and critiqued by me), as well as a revision plan we co-create so you know what follow-up steps best meet your writing goals.

The Emerging Writer


Your purpose is what drives you. Your purpose is what keeps you motivated. Your purpose is what supports and encourages you through the tough spots. You have to ask yourself: “Why am I a writer?” Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn why it's important to know your writing purpose.

A three-month program for writers who have a story idea but aren’t sure how to develop the idea into a story. This package is completely personalized to fit your specific needs with custom assignments designed to help you tune directly into your story idea and into your writer self.

Zoom meetings are included in this service, as well as downloadable lessons. At the end of the three months, you will have a rough draft completed.


Writing Strategy Sessions


For those writers who want the coaching support but want the freedom to explore storycrafting on their own time and at their own pace, I offer writing strategy sessions.

A total of six sessions are included in this service. Each session is 30 minutes long and takes place on Zoom. The initial consult involves a complete run-through of the writer’s natural writing forces, goals, and vision for the project in question. The writer and I co-create a strategy to help the writer in the areas where they struggle such as time management, focus, confidence, brainstorming, or writing process—just to name a few.

All follow-up sessions can be scheduled by the writer at any time within 12 months of the initial consult.

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