Writer’s Pledge

Take a Writer’s Pledge as a commitment to your writing journey and to your writing self.

Once you identify yourself as a writer, you can move forward on your journey, be more resilient when things get tough, and be more open to unexpected opportunities. You are holding yourself accountable by kicking your writing dream into reality.

Below is a Writer’s Pledge. Every day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, recite each point of your pledge. Saying it out loud gives this pledge power, which gives YOU power.

Copy and paste it into a Word document and then email it back to me. I will post your name on my site and herald your journey with the hastag #Iamawriter.

My goal for the year 2018 is to get 100 writers to take this writer’s pledge.

You ready to make your writer self official?

My Writer’s Pledge


I, _____________________________________________ , am a Writer.

For the next 365 days, starting today, ______________, I pledge to be a Writer.

I pledge to treat each day as an opportunity to fill my creative well.

I pledge to improve my skills and build on my knowledge.

I pledge to seek inspiration, ideas, and adventure.

I pledge to nurture my writing self and let it nurture me.

I pledge to take the time and space I need to bring the craft into my life.

I pledge to do my best to not forego other commitments, as well as not forego writing.

I pledge to travel along my writing journey with determination, belief, and a little bit of ferocity.

I pledge to seek the support of my teammates.

I pledge to ignore those around me who make me feel less than a writer.

I pledge to celebrate my wins.

I pledge to seek out positive solutions, paths, and energy.

I pledge to treat setbacks as an opportunity to “write again.”

At the end of my year-long pledge, I will evaluate my progress. I will renew my pledge or take a break for a while. Either way, I pledge to be proud of my courage.

Signed: ____________________________________________________________


2017 Pledged Writers

Kate Johnston           Pam Talbot

A. Fitzgerald             Tracy Kinney         Brian B. King

Tammy Collins         Zach Dunn             Temple Small

Jackie Flint                Tom Kenney          Jenna Herskowitz

Suzanne Yu               Shiloh Penn            Ron Howards

Nancy Myer               Mike Call                 Fred Gilpatrick

Pete Droesch              W. M. Clear           Mayumi Hirtzel

Simone Andrews       Sean Weaver