“I’ll begin by saying Kate surpassed any expectations I had. The services rendered for the cost of a structure evaluation and a beta read of my non-fiction manuscript is a very good value proposition. I felt very satisfied with the results and so glad I reached out for Kate’s services.The timeline for completion was exactly what was agreed to. The completed work was insightful and pragmatic. Kate was able to point out things other readers had missed. Kate took additional time to discuss her feedback when it was unclear to me. She was able to articulate further any feedback or comments I asked for additional information on. She also helped clarify the entire book writing process for someone without a writing background like me. Prior to Kate’s feedback, I felt directionless. After our collaboration, I felt reinvigorated and ready to eagerly work on my writing project.”

Corey Boucher ~ aspiring author

“Working with Kate was an absolute pleasure. She was able to exceed every expectation on two separate projects within a short time frame, and is incredibly responsive and flexible in her communication and approach. Kate would be a valuable asset on any writing project, and has earned my heartfelt recommendation.”

Christian Hamilton


“Kate was one of the first writers that joined the Limebird team, and she’s an asset to the company. She is a highly skilled writer and editor who is hard-working and completely dedicated. She will go above and beyond what you ask her to do and is friendly and personable with our readers. Anyone would be lucky to have her on your team, or use her professional writing and editing skills.”

Beth Murrell, Operations Manager at Chillicow

“I first met Kathryn Johnston a couple of years ago, immediately after I had finished my trip down US Route 1 from Maine to Florida. I joined the writing group that Kate was in to get feedback on my writing and, I hoped, to improve it.

The group met weekly. Each member read five pages of his or her work. We then critiqued each other’s writing. I was struck right away with the quality of Kate’s writing and with the obvious care and thought that she put into her feedback.

Subsequently, I asked Kate if she would edit my travel book, called America’s Highway: A Journal of Discovery along US Route 1. She agreed.

Kate performed that job with the same care and thoroughness that she had put into her own writing and into her work with our writing group. Her recommendations always produced improvement, and my book was measurably better for her efforts.

I would recommend her as an editor and writing coach without reservation.”

Tony Cappasso, author of Historic Route 1 in Maine, and author of two ebooks Eating Dante: A Culinary Adventure and America’s Highway: A Journal of Discovery along US Route 1.

“Writing a story is the easy part – making it the best it can be requires a little help, and for this I can’t recommend Kate’s copy-editing service highly enough. Kate’s professional insight and expertise contributed greatly towards my finished product, giving me the confidence to self-publish on Amazon. I look forward to working with her again as the series grows.”

Darren Hawbrook – published author of “The Great Illusory,” part of The Forest Town Chronicles series.

“Kate Johnston has been an invaluable reader and coach for me. She is able to see the small details such as grammar and punctuation, as well as the big, overarching picture regarding plot, theme, and foreshadowing. Kate is always able to communicate in a critically responsive, yet inspiring way. She asks questions, pushes hard for answers, but never stomps away the spirit of the work. She always makes me dig deeper and has helped me think more critically and responsibly. I have many good readers, but Kate I can’t live without. I keep sending her drafts and I hope she keeps reading them!”

Amy Makechnie, aspiring author and blogger at Maisymak

“Kate Johnston is a gifted editor that has worked her subtle magic on my words until they were refreshingly succinct and clear.

Her knowledge of the technical constructs and punctuation of the English language is superb.  She is an author in her own right and has an extremely well developed understanding of both the art and craft of storytelling. When appropriate she is very adept at coaching an author in such areas as: character development, scene execution, voice, point of view, back-story, inner story and so much more.”

Chris Kuhner, aspiring author