Developmental Editing Guide for the Revising Writer

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Developmental editing is a critical step in the book creation process but often it feels like you’re two inches tall and you’re expected to set the dinner table for the Jolly Green Giant. How do you know if the foundation is solid? Did you do enough worldbuilding? Are your characters well-rounded and believable? What is the balance of exposition to scene?

This massive aspect of editing is so much more than just shifting passages around and cutting Little Darlings. You need to make sure this is the book you wanted to write and you need to dive deep to be sure you got it right. That means dealing with areas like concepts, events, images, characters, plot, and plausibility. That dinner table isn’t going to set itself and you can’t set it until you understand how each major storytelling element plays out in your book, if that’s what you had intended, and whether or not they all work well together to create an engrossing read.

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston helps writers approach developmental editing through a clear systematic process so they can develop their story’s big-picture areas after they’ve written a complete early draft. Kate directs writers to assess each major storytelling element for plausibility, clarity, originality, and emotional impact.

The Developmental Editing Guide for the Revising Writer is the sixth book in the Crafting Story series.

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