A start-up guide for budding fiction writers that covers the fundamentals of igniting a story idea into a rough draft.

So you want to write a story?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

Your Write Spark covers all the fundamentals a writer needs to consider as they ignite their story idea into a draft that leaves them excited and hopeful and eager to learn more. Set your story in motion while you learn the basics of story structure, character development, point of view, and other major storytelling elements.

This start-up guide is just what you need if you have a story idea but you’re not sure what to do next.

Writing a story is a long game, but there’s no need to struggle at minute one. The basic instruction inside will help you make decisions early on that will ultimately save you from a lot of hassle later. Plus, you’ll even get to learn how you can shape yourself as the writer you need to be so that you can COMPLETE your first draft in a time frame that’s right for you!

What you’ll learn:
• How to nurture your creativity each day.
• How to trust the creative process.
• How to use the fundamentals of storytelling at the beginning stages.
• How to plan next steps for the writing process.
• How to handle writer’s block.
• Writing challenges to spark your creative journey.


Developmental editing is a critical step in the book creation process but often it feels like you’re two inches tall and you’re expected to set the dinner table for the Jolly Green Giant. How do you know if the foundation is solid? Did you do enough worldbuilding? Are your characters well-rounded and believable? What is the balance of exposition to scene?

This massive aspect of editing is so much more than just shifting passages around and cutting Little Darlings. You need to make sure this is the book you wanted to write and you need to dive deep to be sure you got it right. That means dealing with areas like concepts, events, images, characters, plot, and plausibility. That dinner table isn't going to set itself and you can’t set it until you understand how each major storytelling element plays out in your book, if that’s what you had intended, and whether or not they all work well together to create an engrossing read.

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston helps writers approach developmental editing through a clear systematic process so they can develop their story’s big-picture areas after they’ve written a complete early draft. Kate directs writers to assess each major storytelling element for plausibility, clarity, originality, and emotional impact.

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DARE TO BE A VOICE - short stories from planet-defending young writers.

From the imaginations of the Dare to Write Young Writers comes this collection of short stories highlighting wildlife, wild places, and the broad range of ecological and environmental crises affecting our planet from wildlife poaching to deforestation to ocean pollution. Smile, laugh, cheer, and cry with the characters in these stories. Most of all—be inspired to rise up and fight for our planet and everything living on it. Featuring fiction from students of the Dare to Write creative writing programs at Dover Middle School and Woodman Park Elementary School in Dover, New Hampshire.

“A Forgotten Way” (Wayfaring, Piscataqua Press, 2018) is a story about Della, a grieving mother who cannot find the space in her heart to properly take care of her nine-year-old daughter Julia until tragedy strikes again.

"Shattered" (Compass Points: Stories from Seacoast Authors, Piscataqua Press, 2015.) My award-winning short story about a young girl whose innocence and trust are shattered when she learns a devastating family secret.

"Treasures" (The Greensilk Journal, spring 2011). This hopeful-turned-heartbreaking story follows a young man and his flimsy faith in love and the world.

Wolf Warriors: The National Wolfwatcher Coalition Anthology  --  "An Essay on Wolf Rescue" A glimpse into the end-of-the-line for rescued wolves.