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New short story of mine has been published by Piscataqua Press in “Wayfaring,” a literary anthology.

“A Forgotten Way” is a story about Della, a mom who has suffered a devastating loss. Her grief and guilt are so great she is neglecting her nine-year-old daughter Julia.

The history of my childhood home inspired this fictional story of tragedy, love, and courage. Questions and mysteries surrounding my home always plagued me until Della came to me with her story.

Written words followed.


You can find the literary anthology “Wayfaring” on Amazon or through RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH.

Review from Ellie: “I can’t get Della out of my mind. So many vivid images in”A Forgotten Way” help me to feel her anguish. I’m excited with this story. Thank you for the book!”


Writer…Uninterrupted is a series of handbooks for those who want to make writing a successful part of their lives. Kate Johnston, a published author, freelance story coach, and creative writing teacher, shares her personal experiences and offers guidance to writers at all stages of their journeys. Complementing each chapter in all of her handbooks is a mini journal comprised of writing activities designed to inspire your creative intentions and encourage you to begin your writing journey.

Honest, motivational, and no-nonsense, Kate Johnston shows that imagination, hard work, and a bit of ferocity will help you kick your writing dreams into reality.

The first guide in Kate Johnston's popular handbooks for writers, designed to help kick their writing dreams into reality.

Writers often embark on their adventure with only a heart full of words and ideas, unprepared for the obstacles, detours, and disappointment along the way. In the first book of the series, A Handbook for the Emerging Writer, Kate helps you navigate through common pitfalls such as writer’s block and “no time to write” with provocative ideas such as daily writing, taking the Writer’s Pledge, team-building, and nurturing your relationship with your muse.

coaching guide for writers

The second book, A Handbook for the Productive Writer, is concerned with putting your writing identity to work, becoming more productive by knowing what sparks your writing, how to set goals, and finding your best strategy. Kate reveals the secret to using word count to your best advantage and the number-one trick to combat writer’s block.

coaching guide for writers

In A Handbook for the Confident Writer, the third volume of her series, Kate talks about how confidence is not found, but built through taking action, and how a writer can move forward on their quest with this knowledge in hand. Writers will learn how risk-taking plays a vital role in overall confidence and why discovering our purpose as writers is so important. Kate grounds writers through reason and exploration to illustrate that confidence doesn’t have to be an elusive phenomenon. As in her two previous volumes, she offers proactive ideas and tactics to help you find your best path.


A Handbook for the Strategic Writer. Buy this book to learn how you can design your best writing system for you.


The fourth volume of Kate Johnston’s practical writer coaching series is A Handbook for the Strategic Writer, where Kate helps writers find their personal best writing system.

Not all strategies work for everyone. Writers who struggle with completing projects are likely using a system that is incompatible with their natural writing forces. By tuning into your habits, personality traits, triggers, and moods, you can discover strategies that will help you not only make progress on your writing projects, but complete them.

Complementing each chapter is a mini journal comprised of writing workouts designed to help you capitalize on your creative energy and help you strategize the best writing system for you.

Kate offers a variety of schedules and goal-setting tactics to help writers mix and match strategy ideas to their natural writing forces. She even explains her personalized storycraft process, “Plontsing” to illustrate how important it is for writers to find their own best systems.


What Readers are Saying About the Series …

“…[A Handbook for the Emerging Writer] is a quick read and well worth a writer’s time, particularly when we’re looking for encouragement and practical suggestions rather than a specific how-to on the craft itself.”

“[Kate Johnston’s] writing conveys a wisdom that can only come from experience, but also an acceptance that it’s all part of the process. Definitely a great tool for any beginning writer looking for the inspiration (and time!) to connect with his/her muse.”

“As an author of self-published books, I often find myself in need of encouragement. Inspiration can often be elusive. Sometimes, I just lose my focus…Kate Johnston is the gal you need in your corner! Whether you are embarking on a writing career, or you are already an established author, this handbook will offer valuable advice on certain topics including, time management, finding inspiration, banishing self-doubt, and many other tips to enhance your writing life.”

“Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? I remember when I did. It looks easy enough, right? All you have to do is sit down in front of your keyboard (or pick up a pen and paper) and write. Then…nothing happens. Murphy’s First Law, “Nothing is as easy as it looks” has reared its ugly head. Well, here is the good news. In [A Handbook for the Emerging Writer], Kate Johnston guides you through the action steps necessary to pursue that dream.”


Writer…Uninterrupted – A Handbook for the Emerging Writer

Writer…Uninterrupted – A Handbook for the Productive Writer

Writer…Uninterrupted – A Handbook for the Confident Writer

Writer…Uninterrupted – A Handbook for the Strategic Writer


A Handbook for the Social Writer

A Handbook for the Plontsing Writer


Purchase Writer . . . Uninterrupted – A Handbook for the Emerging Writer and write a fair & honest review on Amazon and Goodreads to receive a free 30-minute coaching session with moi!

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“Before the sun rises, I’m onto the horse and cow stalls that stand, rotting in place, on the west side of the barn. I disturb a crusty, abandoned nest. Too big for a barn swallow or rats and I wonder what animals lodge here. Swallows and owls call this home. But rubbish congests the space, too. Tractor engine parts. A sleigh. Moth-eaten settees. An incomplete patio set.

They’re hard to move, as though time and forgetfulness have glued them down. I’m not stronger than time and forgetfulness, but I am more stubborn, and I heave these things out of my way with everything I’ve ever lost. The loss that fills me wins out over anything I’ve ever gained.” ~ Excerpt from my short story, “A Forgotten Way,” published in Wayfaring, 2018

“So, it was true, Vivian thought as tears filled her eyes. How was being without her father a good life? She had no chance without him, her strong father who taught her how to spot a saltmarsh sparrow and to love Shakespeare. He had more to give her, teach her, and she’d never know any of it. She looked away from her mother and glared at Foss. None of this would be happening if her father were here. Foss never would have held them up with a gun if her father were here.” ~ Excerpt from the award-winning short story, “Shattered,” published in Compass Points: Stories from Seacoast Authors, 2015.

“We sat in a bed of Yarrow. She asked me where I learned so much. I didn’t tell her the truth. I didn’t tell her I learned things because of an empty belly and scarred flesh. I didn’t tell her I came from a rickety shack in Kentucky. I told her lies. I told her my dreams and made them sound real. I gave her visions she could believe all because I know the scientific name for Harebell.

‘You were raised among flora and underneath rainclouds,’ she murmured dreamily, her head on my shoulder, my broken arm holding her close.

‘Something like that,’ I said.”  ~ Excerpt from the short story “Treasures,” published in The Greensilk Journal, spring 2011.


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