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Crafting Story is a series of handbooks for those who want to make writing a successful part of their lives. Kate Johnston, a published author, freelance story coach, and creative writing teacher, shares her personal experiences and offers guidance to writers at all stages of their journeys.

Complementing each chapter in all of her handbooks is a mini journal comprised of writing activities designed to inspire your creative intentions and encourage you to begin your writing journey.

Honest, motivational, and no-nonsense, Kate Johnston shows that imagination, hard work, and a bit of ferocity will help you kick your writing dreams into reality.

A Guide for the Emerging Writer   Learn the importance of owning your writer identity, and why embracing your identity can make all the difference in the journey, whatever the ultimate destination. In this first book of the series Kate helps you navigate through common pitfalls such as writer's block and "no time to write" with provocative ideas such as daily writing, taking the Writer's Pledge, team-building, and nurturing your relationship with your muse.

A Guide for the Confident Writer -Confidence is not found, but built through taking action. Writers will learn how risk-taking plays a vital role in overall confidence and why discovering our purpose as writers is so important. Kate grounds writers through reason and exploration to illustrate that confidence doesn't have to be an elusive phenomenon.

A Guide for the Strategic Writer - Not all strategies work for everyone. Writers who struggle with completing projects are likely using a system that is incompatible with their natural writing forces. By tuning into your habits, personality traits, triggers, and moods, you can discover strategies that will help you not only make progress on your writing projects, but complete them.

Kate offers a variety of schedules and goal-setting tactics to help writers mix and match strategy ideas to their natural writing forces.

A Guide for the Story Mapping Writer - this book teaches you how to use the best of “pantsing” and the best of “plotting” to craft your novel from idea stage to audience-ready stage.

Writing process is as individual as the author, but it can be elusive and temperamental. When we know under what conditions we write best, we can design a writing process that helps us commit to our story ideas all the way through project completion. And enjoy ourselves to boot!

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston shares her signature strategy for story development and it is modifiable for any writer. This guide will teach you:

  • the three-module framework to getting from idea to complete draft
  • how to craft a logline and how to use it to keep track of your main plot
  • eleven top questions to unveil the big picture
  • the parts of three-act structure
  • how to plug events into major turning points
  • . . . and more!

Mindful Goal-Scoring Workbook - Mindful goals are an essential element to being productive—even for creatives. You will make progress if you are mindful in your goal scoring. Mindful goals are the Ultimate, Kick-ass, Superheroes of all goals. The goals that lesser goals wish they could be!

Before you can set (much less score) effective mindful goals, you need to understand how you will actually put them to work, how to make the most of them, and where to adjust if needed.

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston helps writers find their personal best approach to goal scoring by discussing the reasons goals can fail, where people make their mistakes in goal setting, how to construct a goal tier, and how to turn goals into machines that will boost creativity and productivity. Included are lots and lots of questions (for journaling soul-notes and exploring natural writing forces) and goal tier templates.

Developmental Editing Guide for the Revising Writer - Developmental editing is a critical step in the book creation process but often it feels like you’re two inches tall and you’re expected to set the dinner table for the Jolly Green Giant.

This massive aspect of editing is so much more than just shifting scenes around and cutting Little Darlings. You need to make sure this is the book you wanted to write and you need to dive deep to be sure you got it right. That means dealing with areas like concepts, events, images, characters, plot, and plausibility. That dinner table isn’t going to set itself and you can’t set it until you understand how each major storytelling element plays out in your book, if that’s what you had intended, and whether or not they all work well together to create an engrossing read.

Writing coach and author Kate Johnston helps writers approach developmental editing through a clear systematic process so they can develop their story’s big-picture areas after they’ve written a complete early draft. Kate directs writers to assess each major storytelling element for plausibility, clarity, originality, and emotional impact.

What Readers are Saying About the Series ...

"...[A Guide for the Emerging Writer] is a quick read and well worth a writer's time, particularly when we're looking for encouragement and practical suggestions rather than a specific how-to on the craft itself."

"[Kate Johnston's] writing conveys a wisdom that can only come from experience, but also an acceptance that it's all part of the process. Definitely a great tool for any beginning writer looking for the inspiration (and time!) to connect with his/her muse."

"As an author of self-published books, I often find myself in need of encouragement. Inspiration can often be elusive. Sometimes, I just lose my focus...Kate Johnston is the gal you need in your corner! Whether you are embarking on a writing career, or you are already an established author, this handbook will offer valuable advice on certain topics including, time management, finding inspiration, banishing self-doubt, and many other tips to enhance your writing life."

"This fourth book in Johnston's Crafting Story series is a great tool for writers at any stage of the writing process. Beginning writers will learn how to create goals and approach their writing in a way that won't prove overwhelming. Seasoned writers will find a renewed sense of commitment and energy, one that enables them to revamp their current approach if it's drifting from their original vision.

As with the other books in the series, it's a quick read, but one you'll want to revisit to keep yourself on track. Highly recommend."

"Have you ever thought about becoming a writer? I remember when I did. It looks easy enough, right? All you have to do is sit down in front of your keyboard (or pick up a pen and paper) and write. Then…nothing happens. Murphy’s First Law, “Nothing is as easy as it looks” has reared its ugly head. Well, here is the good news. In [A Guide for the Emerging Writer], Kate Johnston guides you through the action steps necessary to pursue that dream."


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