Courses & Workshops

Ten+ years of intensively paving my own author’s journey helped me develop fantastic material to help other writers in their own adventures.

From online courses to writing workshops to video trainings to handbooks on the craft to providing creative and emotional support, I have the skill, compassion, and experience to help you tell your story.


Master your creativity mindset and fundamentals of the writing craft so you can write with joy and confidence.

  • Do you have trouble launching your writing dream?
  • Are you afraid you don’t have what it takes to be a good writer?
  • Have you started projects only to stop midway because you don’t know enough about the writing process?
  • Do you tell yourself you don’t have the time to write, even though you wish you did?
  • Are you struck with inspiration, but stuck on execution?

If any of the above sound familiar, then you’ll love the guidance I have for you!

IMAGINE wanting to embark on your writing journey but you feel stuck because you’re not sure where to start or you don’t know what decisions to make along the way. Most writers give up on their dreams because they were following a path NOT MEANT FOR THEM.

Create Your Killer Writing Routine

a mini-course for creatives who are ready to take control of their schedules

My mini-course will help you organize your daily schedule so that you can find a block of time where you can write without stress, guilt, or constant interruptions.

Crush Creative Blocks

a video series for savvy writers everywhere

You know that you need to write consistently to finish your projects but writer’s block is interfering with your productivity levels. How do you expect to publish your work if you can’t even finish anything?

My 3-video training series will help you take back your control of your writing so that you can move forward with your ideas.