When is the right time to listen to your inner critic?

A writer’s inner critic tends to show up at the worst times. Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn how you can train your inner critic to help you become a better writer rather than get in your way.

Most writers have inner critics. That little voice inside you that tells you that you’re a terrible writer. That you have no business crafting a story. That taunts and jeers and makes you feel like you are the laughing stock of the entire writing community. I ended up naming my … READ MORE

6 Ways to Beat Writing Fear

What are your writing fears? Are they severe enough that they stop you from making any forward progress on your writing journey? Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn 6 ways you can beat your writing fears.

Fear is a common emotion among ALL writers. We need to understand that writing fear is normal and very much a part of the process. Fear will come and go, strengthen and weaken, so you kind of have to accept it as part of the deal. Normal, yes. Common as … READ MORE

Why Failure Can Help You Become a Better Writer

Writers who are new to the craft don’t understand that failure leads to success. The fact is that no writer gets it right the first time out of the gate, but for some reason the fear of failure compels beginning writers to give up. Many actually give up before they … READ MORE

Make a Risky Writing Goal

Writing goals are better when they are risky. Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn why a risky writing goal will get you farther on your writing journey.

I am not what you would call a risk-taker. Even as a child, I didn’t play all rough-and-tumble, pedal through rain puddles, and the one time I made a prank call I got in so much trouble I never, ever, ever did it again. I always said please and thank … READ MORE

Writer…Uninterrupted – getting out of a slump

Are you in a writing slump? Read this post on katejohnstonauthor.com to learn how to take back your creativity and move forward with your writing.

Recently, I experienced a slump in my writing. The ideas were there, but I couldn’t find the energy or the motivation to write them down. I still might have been a writer without actively writing, but I wasn’t a fulfilled writer. Life interrupted my writing. I was still getting up at … READ MORE

Don’t Piss off a Writer

Creatives hold more power than we are usually willing to admit. We can make things happen, and happen in such a way that benefits and strengthens our creativity. There isn’t a good enough reason to choose not to cultivate your creativity. Gloomy Gabs may try to suffocate our voices, but … READ MORE