Why You Can’t Balance Your Writing Life

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is their ongoing search for balance in their writing life. Balance doesn’t exist, not in the sense that we need it to. You see, balance requires control. We humans cannot control anything externally, much less internally, and when we try, bad things happen. … READ MORE

A Writer’s Field Notes ~ Summer 2017

So, uh, yeah, it’s mid-July, and I haven’t been anywhere near social media for about a couple of months. Life took a 180-degree turn, went through a portal to an alternate Universe, and landed me in some kind of teenager-ruled realm (which is just a polite way of saying Horror Show) at the … READ MORE

How to Help Make that New Year’s Resolution Stick

A few days before January 1, my son and I couldn’t find the remote control to the nice, big television in Hubs’s Man Cave (which he insists is the Family Room, but that’s his guilt talking). We looked everywhere: between the couch cushions, underneath all the furniture, in the trash … READ MORE

What to give the writer in your life

The traditional holiday season has come and gone, but another gift-giving day will be soon upon us. Valentine’s Day. On this Heart Day, don’t forget to treat the writer in your life with something writerly. Even if you think she has enough journals or pencils, there is bound to be something … READ MORE

Writer…Uninterrupted – take a walk

This summer I worked on the second draft to my story. Then I went away to Texas for a family reunion. I didn’t bring my story with me for various reasons. However, when I returned to the novel I had trouble. I struggled to get excited about the plot or the characters. … READ MORE

As the Turkey Turns

Thanksgiving is a holiday typically spent with family and/or friends, reflecting on the gifts in our lives, being thankful for the small and the big, the precious and the ridiculous. Thanksgiving in my life tends to be, well, dramatic. Or, at the very least, entertaining. I end up being thankful … READ MORE