Why You Struggle with Time Management

If you’re struggling with time management or productivity, take back your control by starting with writing something every day. The key word is “something” — as generic a word that is. Something could be a journal entry, a poem, a dream, a blog post, a conversation overheard in the coffee … READ MORE

Announcing Author H. A. Dawson

Welcome H. A. Dawson, author of the psychological suspense series “Circles Of Subterfuge.”   I regularly read Kate’s Facebook threads on writing, book critique analysis and author support. She has a wide audience with different abilities and her professional encouragement has long-term benefits. The subject threads spurred me on to … READ MORE

NaNoWriMo–The Finish Line

Today is November 30th and NaNoWriMo ends at 11:59 p.m. Congratulations to everyone who finished. Crazy-loud cheers to everyone who is still writing. Wherever you may be with your word count, the most important point to take away from this challenge was that you gave it your best shot. No … READ MORE

How to get back to writing after a break

Writers are vulnerable creatures, and it doesn’t usually take a lot for us to make an excuse to not write one day. I’m not going to harp on anyone for taking a healthy break from writing, but it’s a slippery slope. If we’re taking a break for the wrong reason, … READ MORE