Are you too tired to create?

In my world, mid-October kicks off weeks—really, months—of seemingly endless activities, responsibilities, obligations, tasks, and busy work. I won’t come up for air until the end of January. Because this has been my story for years, I have been able to figure out some strategies to help me stay on … READ MORE

How to Write with Intention

Setting intentions is a powerful tool for helping us achieve writerly happiness and fulfillment. They provide us with insight to our writer self’s values, aspirations, and purpose. Our intentions allow us to live in the present moment while still aiming toward new achievements. Setting an intention is one step toward … READ MORE

My Top Three Creativity Enforcers

Creativity is a force within us that is susceptible to external energies. The benefit to this relationship is that we can shape and develop our creativity based on our actions, behavior, and mindset. The drawback to this relationship is that we can shape and develop our creativity based on our … READ MORE

Writing with your Inner Critic

My inner critic first visited me when I was in junior high school, and she has never left. I christened her ‘Eris’ after I took a mythology course. I thought it was appropriate. If Eris were a character in a novel, I would describe her as a dangerously beautiful pirate, … READ MORE

And You’re a Writer

When someone comes up to me and tells me they’ve been struggling with setting up daily writing habits, committing to a writing practice, or even time management (fitting writing into a busy lifestyle), one of the first questions I will ask: Have you identified yourself as a writer? Identity is … READ MORE

Your Secret Garden of Writing

We all have a story we tell more for our own indulgence or self-help than to entertain others. Sometimes we keep these kinds of stories in journal form, safe from prying eyes. Other times, these kinds of stories seep out to the world when we’re feeling brave and sure. No … READ MORE

Letter to a Young Writer

Dear Young Writer, I can feel the rhythm of your heart pick up when we walk into a bookstore. The light in your eyes reflects goldfoil and gloss, your hands respectful in their discovery of story. You have a dream to be a published author, a real one with real … READ MORE

Your job is simply to be ready

You are on the path you’re supposed to take today. Enjoy today, enjoy the moments for what they are and allow them to bring forth what you need—whether you know what you need or not. Breathe and on your exhale let go of whatever worry is on your mind. Maybe … READ MORE

Gift of the Writing Life

Gift of the Writing Life is an inspirational post written by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to encourage writers to seek out a connection to the natural world to help them forge their path on their writing journey.

This post is about writing and the writing life but more to the point, it’s about spiritual connection with the animal world. Many of you might know about my intensely serious investment in protecting wildlife and wild places. I even started a fundraising page through WWF. Also, I’m in the midst … READ MORE