Gift of the Writing Life

Gift of the Writing Life is an inspirational post written by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to encourage writers to seek out a connection to the natural world to help them forge their path on their writing journey.

This post is about writing and the writing life but more to the point, it’s about spiritual connection with the animal world. Many of you might know about my intensely serious investment in protecting wildlife and wild places. I even started a fundraising page through WWF. Also, I’m in the midst … READ MORE

A Writer’s Field Notes ~ Autumn

My son’s middle school had Open House last week, and one of his teachers told us that, every Monday, he asks the kids to tell him about something beautiful that happened over the weekend. Note that: something beautiful. Not, “Tell me about your weekend.” Rather, “Tell me something beautiful.” He … READ MORE

How Creative Force Outmuscles Disaster

How Creative Force Outmuscles Disaster | If you're feeling helpless in times of disaster then this post is for you. It will inspire you to take action on on issues that matter to you instead of retreating. Click through to find your creative force!

  Wow, the world sure looks different when I’m not writing. And I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense. This summer I went underground to get some writing done. Avoided pretty much all forms of social media and immersed myself in a couple of different “imaginary” worlds—imaginary … READ MORE

Save El Lobo Writing Competition Winners

In honor of #LOBOWEEK I held a Save El Lobo Writing Competition, which you can read about HERE. Sixteen AMAZING pieces were submitted to me over a week’s time. Three winners were chosen, as well as an honorable mention (it was that competitive!!) The contest was super short notice, but writers who love wolves rallied, … READ MORE

Save El Lobo Writing Competition

Want a PRIZE for helping me raise money for El Lobo, the Mexican gray wolf? “On March 29, 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves were released to the wild for the first time in the Blue Range Recovery Area of Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than … READ MORE

What happened when I didn’t want to write anymore

Sometimes we don't want to write anymore, but if you figure out your purpose you will find the heart to write again. Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to hear what she has to say about what happened when she didn't want to write anymore.

The morning is murky blue-black. The snow-covered ground shimmers under the moonlight. I am awake at my usual hour but having trouble writing. Again. Eighth day in a row. I take my coffee to the window and study the crooked silhouette of the apple tree, branches shattered by the storm. In … READ MORE

Sunday Spin – Shark Savers

Welcome to Sunday Spin, where I blog about life beyond the realm of writing. Shark Photo courtesy of Terry Goss Photography. Shark photo attributed to Terry Goss. Last weekend my sister and I went to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard to see our brothers and their families. All around the cape and the vineyard I … READ MORE

Sunday Spin-Grandmother Musings

Welcome to Sunday Spin, where I blog about life beyond the realm of writing. ♥              ♥              ♥              ♥            ♥ The other day, hubs asked me to spray the weeds along our fence line. He’d bought this enormous sprayer (the kind you can strap on to your … READ MORE

Sunday Spin: Rebecca in the Woods

Welcome to Sunday Spin, where I blog about life beyond the realm of writing. Yesterday, we went to a fair where booths were set up by local businesses. One of the booths was run by the Center for Wildlife, a private, non-profit organization that rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for injured wild … READ MORE