Why Do Some Goals Fail?

Have you ever set a goal or made a new year’s resolution where you were pumped and excited at first, then your momentum fizzled out and you lost interest in your end goal? This happens to the best of us! Some goals fail because they don’t meet five necessary conditions … READ MORE

Marching Toward Goal Achievement

Welcome to my 4-part blog series on Marching toward Goal Achievement. This is a reblog from last year. March-ing toward Goal Achievement is not just a play on words–this time of year truly does kick my butt. I suffer low energy levels and my productivity output decreases. The strategies I … READ MORE


One of the many grumblings I hear among people on social media is that they struggle with self-management = accountability. This includes sticking to goals, organization, time, attention/distraction. As lone wolves, writers are forced to rely on themselves to get the work done, however they planned it. Or didn’t plan … READ MORE

Just 15 Minutes

I call myself a Time Warrior because I know how to make time to write. As someone who juggles family, freelance jobs, environment activism, pets from pre-dawn to good-night kisses, I can still get in two hours at least of writing every day. My fast-action schedule doesn’t leave a lot … READ MORE

Why you should know your writing purpose

One of the top struggles I hear about from writers is the inability to finish a project. Reasons run the gamut from “not having enough time” to “lost confidence.” Rather than tangling ourselves up with figuring out methods on HOW to finish, I want you to focus on WHY you … READ MORE

NaNoWriMo–When Life Interrupts

Last week writers in the US hit a major bump in the NaNoWriMo road: Thanksgiving holiday. This is an extra-long weekend. Kids typically are out of school from Wednesday until Monday. Spouses might have this time off, too. Family is coming to visit, or you’re going to see family. All … READ MORE

Writers—Start Your NaNoWriMo Engines

Starting November 1st writers across the globe will be hunkering down at their laptops, desktops, paper, what-have-you, and crafting a brand-new story for National Novel Writing Month. We get thirty days to write 50,000 words. A writing frenzy that will require loads of caffeine, inspiration, and perseverance. In 2011, I participated for … READ MORE

Two Tricks to Unblock Writer’s Block

Hey there, Writers! Popping in with a mini-post on WRITER’S BLOCK for y’all! This is one of my lessons from my FREE writing course How to Fill Your Creative Well. I’m sharing with you because it’s valuable advice for any writer at any part of the journey that they can use … READ MORE

Why Balance Keeps You Stuck

don't feel like a failure if you can't find balance in your life. Balance may not exist for you. Strive for something that flows with flexibility and forgiveness instead. Read this post to find out how you can approach your to-do list in a kinder, gentler way.

One of the biggest struggles I hear from writers is that they can’t find balance in their lives. They fight to fit their real-world life with their creative life and day after day, time after time, their efforts are thwarted. They may find success for an hour or even a … READ MORE

How You can Achieve your Writing Goals and be a More Productive Writer

This how to become a more productive writer essay shows that you can achieve your writing goals and be a more productive writer as long as you know under which conditions you work best, which she refers to as natural writing forces. Here’s how you can be a more productive writer

Deadlines, goals, accountability, and schedules can all play important roles toward helping you become a more productive writer. But if you are having trouble achieving your goals or meeting deadlines, then it might be because you don’t know how to effectively work in certain situations. Every writer has a unique … READ MORE