The Road to Writing Hell

“The road to writing hell is paved with procrastination.” I said this the other night to some writing buddies when we were talking about how hard it is to finish a manuscript. Philip Roth had once said, “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress,” and while this is true, … READ MORE

How to start a writing project with confidence

Hey, I know it’s so much more fun to just sit at our computers or huddle in with our notebooks and just dive into the story. But if your intention is to write with any kind of end-goal then it will serve you better to at least plan out the … READ MORE

Why do writers have trouble forming a writing habit?

Habit formation is directly linked to self-determination. The good news is that everyone can be trained to be self-determined. So even if you consider yourself the ambivalent sort, you can learn how to be more motivated to accomplish your goals. Your first order of business is to figure out what … READ MORE

How to use plan and action to achieve goals

Welcome back to the final post in my 4-part series on goal setting. The main point behind setting goals is to help us be more productive and to move forward on whatever path we choose. Today we’re talking about how to use plan and action to help you achieve your … READ MORE

How to Create a Goal Schedule

Welcome to the third post in my 4-part series on Marching Toward Goal Achievement. Last time we talked about why goals fail and how to create a savvy goal and turn it into an ass-kicking machine. This week I want to show you how to plug those goals into a … READ MORE

Why Do Some Goals Fail?

Have you ever set a goal or made a new year’s resolution where you were pumped and excited at first, then your momentum fizzled out and you lost interest in your end goal? This happens to the best of us! Some goals fail because they don’t meet five necessary conditions … READ MORE

Marching Toward Goal Achievement

Welcome to my 4-part blog series on Marching toward Goal Achievement. This is a reblog from last year. March-ing toward Goal Achievement is not just a play on words–this time of year truly does kick my butt. I suffer low energy levels and my productivity output decreases. The strategies I … READ MORE


One of the many grumblings I hear among people on social media is that they struggle with self-management = accountability. This includes sticking to goals, organization, time, attention/distraction. As lone wolves, writers are forced to rely on themselves to get the work done, however they planned it. Or didn’t plan … READ MORE

Just 15 Minutes

I call myself a Time Warrior because I know how to make time to write. As someone who juggles family, freelance jobs, environment activism, pets from pre-dawn to good-night kisses, I can still get in two hours at least of writing every day. My fast-action schedule doesn’t leave a lot … READ MORE