Tough Love

One of my go-to writing warm-ups is to write a story inspired by three random words. This week, I was needing a bit of a break from query letter & synopsis writing, and I didn’t have enough time to dive into rewrites of book 2 of my series. But I … READ MORE

How to Write with Intention

Setting intentions is a powerful tool for helping writers achieve happiness and fulfillment. Intentions provide us with insight to our writer self’s values, aspirations, and purpose. In this blog post, I’ll discuss what an intention is, how to set one every day, and why setting intentions will help us move … READ MORE

Why do writers have trouble forming a writing habit?

A writing habit is one of the best methods you can form to help you stay committed to your writing journey, but why do writers have such trouble with making writing a habit? Today I’m discussing five excuses writers use to explain why they can’t form a writing habit and … READ MORE

How to Interview your Character

Character development is an important element of any fictional story. Interviewing a character about his or her life can help you develop a believable character instead of a flat one. Today I’m giving you some ideas on how to interview a character, the kinds of questions to avoid, and how … READ MORE

My Top Three Creativity Enforcers

Creativity is a force within us that is susceptible to external energies. The benefit to this relationship is that we can shape and develop our creativity based on our actions, behavior, and mindset. The drawback to this relationship is that we can shape and develop our creativity based on our … READ MORE

Story Structure–Midpoint

The Midpoint is a major turning point that occurs in the middle of all stories. This event falls smack-dab into the thick of things, so for it to make a difference, it’s got to fulfill several jobs: Raises the stakes for the hero Turns the story in a completely new … READ MORE

Grammar Grumble – Apostrophes

The apostrophe is one of the most misunderstood punctuation marks around. Probably because there are three different uses for it, each of which applies under some (but not all) circumstances: -marks omissions in contracted words -marks possession -marks plural form OMISSIONS IN CONTRACTED WORDS Two-word contractions The apostrophe replaces the … READ MORE

Why you Need a Story Hook

The purpose of a story hook is to engage readers and lure them into your story. The basic definition behind a hook is “pose a question the reader wants answered.” That’s a good start, but how do you actually make that question interesting? I mean, it’s not like you necessarily … READ MORE

How to Write a Story Premise

A story premise helps you know what kind of story you’re writing. This may seem like an odd step—after all, if you’re writing the story shouldn’t you know what kind of story you’re writing? The funny thing about stories, especially long-form stories, is that they tend to go off and … READ MORE

Why You Struggle with Time Management

Why you struggle with time management | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach

If you’re struggling with time management or productivity, take back your control by starting with writing something every day. The keyword is “something” — as generic a word that is. Something could be a journal entry, a poem, a dream, a blog post, a conversation overheard in the coffee shop, … READ MORE