Why You Need Structure in Your Story

There’s resistance swirling around out there about story structure, so writers avoid it like the plague. This is too bad as structure can be the difference between the story you love and the story your audience loves. In today’s blog post I’m going to share my take on why you … READ MORE

When a Writing Routine isn’t Essential

When a Writing Routine Isn't Essential | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Writing routines are a beautiful way to help keep us motivated and on task. However, what happens if you can’t stick to your routine? Do you  just not write? In today’s article I talk about my personal experience without my precious writing routine, the benefits to a writing routine,  why … READ MORE

Natural Writing Forces + Productivity

Natural Writing Forces and Writing Productivity | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Writing productivity is directly affected by your Natural Writing Forces, the traits, habits, strengths, limiting beliefs, and values that you bring to your creative life. In today’s blog post I discuss how you can tap into and develop your personal Natural Writing Forces so that you can increase your productivity. … READ MORE

Four Key Components to a Good Story

Four Key Components to a Good Story | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

It’s not always easy to know how to turn a story idea into a story that other people will enjoy. You loved writing it, but is it something that would be considered a “good story” by other people? In today’s article I am sharing four key components that will help … READ MORE

Curiosity Makes Writers

Curiosity Makes Writers | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Curiosity is the number-one trait all writers should rely on to find ideas and get their stories written, but sometimes writers aren’t in touch with their curiosity and so their creative centers (creative wells) dry up. In this blog post I discuss the concept of “filling your well” so that … READ MORE

The Gift of Inspiration

It’s almost three months since writers reached the finish line of NaNoWriMo. If you participated, what have you done {with your NaNo project} since? Some writers ignore the “deadline” of November 30th, and keep writing. Others heave a huge sigh of relief, save their latest draft (you did save your … READ MORE

Why gratitude can help you lead a more joyful creative journey

Using Gratitude for a Joyful Creative Journey | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Gratitude is an amazing technique that can be one of the most beneficial ways to enjoy your creative life. When we are thankful then we are in receiving mode. This means we can receive more time, more inspiration, more readers, more reviews, more success! In this blog post I’m sharing … READ MORE

The Road to Writing Hell

“The road to writing hell is paved with procrastination.” I said this the other night to some writing buddies when we were talking about how hard it is to finish a manuscript. Philip Roth had once said, “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress,” and while this is true, … READ MORE

A book you should know about

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. But there are a few annoyances that block me from indulging as much as I’d like. Annoyance #1: I can’t read for longer than 15-20 minutes daily because my life is so filled with other things. I have to tack it on to … READ MORE

Are you too tired to create?

In my world, mid-October kicks off weeks—really, months—of seemingly endless activities, responsibilities, obligations, tasks, and busy work. I won’t come up for air until the end of January. Because this has been my story for years, I have been able to figure out some strategies to help me stay on … READ MORE