Guest Blogger: Danika Dinsmore

I would like to welcome Danika Dinsmore to my blog today! She is the author of The White Forest Series. Book one is Brigitta of the White Forest, which I reviewed here. Book two, The Ruins of Noe, was published this month through Hydra House Books. My 20-Year Overnight Success Story Many of … READ MORE

Book Review – Brigitta of the White Forest

  Brigitta of the White Forest is a fast-paced, fun, middle-grade novel about two faerie sisters who escape a frightening curse upon the White Forest. Brigitta and her younger sister, Himalette, travel to Dead Mountain in search of the only one that can help them—a banished faerie called Hrathgar. Along … READ MORE

How to Keep Writing for NaNoWriMo

Word Count: 33,263/50,000 A friend of mine asked how I’m able to write so much in such a short time underneath all the pressure of things that I have to get done. She complained that she is unable to focus. She talked about how she can’t sort through all the drivel in … READ MORE

Don’t Piss off a Writer

Creatives hold more power than we are usually willing to admit. We can make things happen, and happen in such a way that benefits and strengthens our creativity. There isn’t a good enough reason to choose not to cultivate your creativity. Gloomy Gabs may try to suffocate our voices, but … READ MORE