Why Active Voice Strengthens Writing

Active, vivid prose is one of the fundamental tools to liven descriptions. Concrete nouns, action verbs, and active voice are essential parts of descriptive language. Active voice is powerful and vigorous. Sentences written in active voice propel your story forward and keep the reader in the midst of what is … READ MORE

6 Ways to Beat Writing Fear

What are your writing fears? Are they severe enough that they stop you from making any forward progress on your writing journey? Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn 6 ways you can beat your writing fears.

Fear is a common emotion among ALL writers. We need to understand that writing fear is normal and very much a part of the process. Fear will come and go, strengthen and weaken, so you kind of have to accept it as part of the deal. Normal, yes. Common as … READ MORE

Three Major Internal Writing Forces

Internal writing forces determine your writing process and they can be modified to help you be more productive and happier. Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn how you can use your most effective writing forces to their fullest potential.

Natural writing forces are always at work, whether you know what they’re up to or not. They determine what time of day you prefer to write. If you finish your projects. Whether you turn to Facebook when the writing isn’t going well. If you let fear stand in your way. … READ MORE

How to find your best writing practices

Do you know which writing practices work best for you? Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn how to examine your fundamental writing forces, intention, and sense of fulfillment to build your best writing practices.

There are writing practices, and then there are YOUR writing practices. If you were to jump on the internet right this second and Google “How to write a novel in three months” you would actually get hits, lots of hits, on this very subject. According to Google, there are a … READ MORE

Why Failure Can Help You Become a Better Writer

If you let failure turn you away from your dream to write, consider this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach where she explains why failure can actually help you become a better writer.

Mental preparedness, I think, is the most critical tool a writer needs. More than ability or talent or free time. Most new writers are intimidated, fearful, and they don’t think they’re up to the task. They’re afraid of failure. And they allow that fear of failure to stop them on … READ MORE

How to Beat Writer’s Block

Do you suffer from writer's block? Learn how to beat writer's block in this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach

Writer’s block is a fancy-schmancy term for getting stuck. It is a misnomer, and it’s time we take our power back and beat writer’s block. Writers, being somewhat eccentric and moody, vulnerable to imaginary worlds and people that actually exist in their work, accidentally gave getting stuck power when they named it … READ MORE

Make a Blogger’s Day Party

Celebrate the season by visiting a blogger's site and leaving a comment.

I thought the holiday season would be a perfect time to make a blogger’s day with the GIFT of a blog visit and comment. I’m always excited to run these blogging parties because I get to discover new writers from whom I usually learn something new and inspiring.   To kick this … READ MORE

Do you want to make the time to write?

Do you want to make time to write? Intentional writers need to plan time to write to be successful. Read this post on Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to find out why making time to write is one of the toughest choices for writers to make.

About 12 years ago, I began to write at 4:00 in the mornings because of my youngest child’s sleeping troubles. Back then, I was inconvenienced and annoyed. Eventually, though, I realized I had unwittingly stumbled upon the magical time of day to write (for me). My creativity responded to these … READ MORE

Why do Writers Write?

Why do writers write, especially when writing is so difficult? Read this post by Kate Johnston |Author & Story Coach to learn the reasons you write to help you be productive and joyful on your writing journey.

Understanding your purpose as a writer is one of the most important offensive strategies you can take on your journey. Why do writers write? The reasons abound, and if you want to be productive and joyful as you write, then you should figure out your reason. First, it’s important to … READ MORE

The Truth About Writing Magic

Do you feel like you missed out on writing magic? Read this post by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to learn how to ignite writing magic in your life so you can feel fulfilled and inspired on your writing journey.

Seems to me the best reason to write is because we want to create something no one else has read, seen, or heard before. Essentially making the unreal real. Writing magic. But writers often fumble and stumble along the way, and soon, that desire to create writing magic fades like … READ MORE