Are You Struggling to Fit Writing into a Busy Life?

Writing every day may not be practical, especially for those of us who have a full-time job, or who have to raise kids. Many creatives struggle to fit writing into a busy life because they don’t make writing a priority. Often, we claim we can’t make the time to write … READ MORE

Make Yourself a Priority in the Noise

You make yourself a priority when you stop focusing on noise, and start focusing on your inner landscape. You can’t grow as a creative as long as you’re spending your energy and attention on things out of your control. It’s hard to fill your creative well or level up to … READ MORE

How to Use Conflict to Create an Interesting Character

Story is about a character who has to fight harrowing odds to achieve the one thing he wants desperately. This means, in a nutshell, your story is all about a character in conflict. Conflict is what makes your character interesting and readable. We don’t have to like your character but … READ MORE

Setting up Your Character to Break into her New World

The difference between a character who stays stuck in his current life and the character who grows and changes is the “Break into the New World.” Characters can only learn the lessons they need to learn through a major shift that takes them out of their status quo way of … READ MORE

How to Craft Scenes with Purpose

Scenes are the unit of storytelling. Each scene in your story should have a definitive purpose by either moving the plot forward or your character’s development forward. A strong scene that pulls its weight in moving the story forward has specific elements and components. In this article, I talk about … READ MORE

One Way to Make Pantsing Work for Your Story

Pantsers love the freedom and flexibility of diving into a story without knowing where the characters or their problems might lead, but coming up for air can be a huge buzz-kill because of the tangled mess they created. While pantsing isn’t the most effective approach to writing a quality story … READ MORE

My Novel Outline Process

Whether you’re a panster or a plotter, you will need to have an idea of your story’s plot, why your characters are on their journeys, and what will happen when everything comes together at the end. A novel outline can help you organize your big ideas so that you can … READ MORE

How to Find and Fix Plot Holes

A plot hole is a gap in your story where you are lacking critical information. Such gaps create confusion and lack of credibility in your story. Some plot holes are minor and only require a tweak here or there, where others are severe enough that it affects the entire storyline. … READ MORE

How to Bring Your Story Full-Circle

Stories resonate with readers more effectively when they come full-circle. Characters need to undergo some kind of change or growth (for better or for worse), and this change is best gauged by how they see their outer world and their inner landscape compared to their views at the beginning of … READ MORE

Writing Prompt Challenge

Hey there, Writers! Swinging through with a special announcement! I’m running a writing prompt challenge this week along with my good friend and excellent writer, Mayumi Hirtzel, author of Number Seven and the Life Left Behind. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to write without fear or … READ MORE