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Hey there, Writer! I’m Kate Johnston — story coach, author, and BWR (Backyard Wildlife Rescuer)

Writing is something I hold close to my heart (right up there with pizza, wolves, and Mickey Mouse), and I’m so glad to welcome you to my stomping grounds. A safe, supportive, and informational coaching site for story crafters.

I’m usually writing a story, either actively or in my head. Sometimes I talk about fantastical worlds and characters because as though they’re real. I love jib-jabbing about the writing process and coaching writers as they kick their writing dreams into reality!

I launched my blog under the name 4amWriter back in 2012, where I share writing tips and lessons I learn during my personal journey. My blog posts attracted curious, eager, aspiring writers looking for inspiration and guidance through the often confusing and intimidating writing realm. From there, my story coaching business bloomed.

With three separate sites dedicated to a variety of writer needs and desires, I spread myself too thin. In the summer of 2017 I began to make some changes—namely combining my business site and my blog so that everything writerly I have to offer is in one helpful place. My e-letter Museletter for Writers is an extension of what you’ll find on my site, with bonus content and chances to win FREE writing help.

My dalliance with my blog inspired a series of posts titled Writer … Uninterrupted that will motivate you to start writing today. I expanded the posts into a series of e-books, complete with mini-journals, that encourage writers to take action on their dreams. Check out the series here.

Start with the first book in the series, A Handbook for the Emerging Writer, to learn how the power of identifying yourself as a writer will help you commit to your journey from beginning to end, whatever your ultimate destination.

Looking for something a little more proactive? Why not sign up for my FREE email course, How to Fill Your Creative Well! If you have trouble finding story ideas or hit writer’s blocks, this amazing course will help you learn how to find sources of inspiration so that you’re a better & happier writer.

If you’re a writer in active pursuit of your dream, or struggling with the seeming impossibility of the craft, or just not sure how to begin your writing journey, this is the story coaching site for you.

I connect with and inspire writers as a



Kate Johnston | Author and Story Coach

I’m an award-winning author, published in Wolf Warriors, Compass PointsThe Greensilk Journal, Northeast Wolf Coalition, and Concord Monitor.  My popular blog series, Writer…Uninterrupted, is now available as ebooks for purchase.


Musefly Writing Studio is my fantasy in the making. Right now, I work from home, in a tiny study with a beautiful view of my backyard and conservation land beyond. I take my business on the road when I can, to public libraries, conference centers, online, and coffee shops. If you’re a writer living in my local area (Dover, NH), you might be interested in the in-person workshops or coffee chats I host. Check out the website for current information.

Environmental stewardship is a personal mission of mine, so I founded Writers for Wildlife, a program of Musefly Writing Studio, where I frequently run campaigns to raise funds for various non-profit organizations worldwide. 10% of all my earnings are donated to selected organizations for ongoing biodiversity and conservation protections or emergency relief efforts.

Your support of my writing classes, workshops, consultations, and books not only helps a child or adult grow their writing skills but also helps threatened and endangered species across the planet.

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