Are You Struggling to Fit Writing into a Busy Life?

Writing every day may not be practical, especially for those of us who have a full-time job, or who have to raise kids. Many creatives struggle to fit writing into a busy life because they don’t make writing a priority. Often, we claim we can’t make the time to write … READ MORE

Make Yourself a Priority in the Noise

You make yourself a priority when you stop focusing on noise, and start focusing on your inner landscape. You can’t grow as a creative as long as you’re spending your energy and attention on things out of your control. It’s hard to fill your creative well or level up to … READ MORE

How to Use Conflict to Create an Interesting Character

Story is about a character who has to fight harrowing odds to achieve the one thing he wants desperately. This means, in a nutshell, your story is all about a character in conflict. Conflict is what makes your character interesting and readable. We don’t have to like your character but … READ MORE