How to Craft Scenes with Purpose

Scenes are the unit of storytelling. Each scene in your story should have a definitive purpose by either moving the plot forward or your character’s development forward. A strong scene that pulls its weight in moving the story forward has specific elements and components. In this article, I talk about … READ MORE

One Way to Make Pantsing Work for Your Story

Pantsers love the freedom and flexibility of diving into a story without knowing where the characters or their problems might lead, but coming up for air can be a huge buzz-kill because of the tangled mess they created. While pantsing isn’t the most effective approach to writing a quality story … READ MORE

My Novel Outline Process

Whether you’re a panster or a plotter, you will need to have an idea of your story’s plot, why your characters are on their journeys, and what will happen when everything comes together at the end. A novel outline can help you organize your big ideas so that you can … READ MORE