Writing Prompt Challenge

Hey there, Writers! Swinging through with a special announcement! I’m running a writing prompt challenge this week along with my good friend and excellent writer, Mayumi Hirtzel, author of Number Seven and the Life Left Behind. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage you to write without fear or … READ MORE

Is Your Inciting Incident Strong Enough?

A catalyst for change, the Inciting Incident must be strong enough to launch your protagonist out of their Current World through a Call to Action they cannot deny. Is your Inciting Incident doing the job it needs to do to crack open your protagonist’s comfort zone and push them into … READ MORE

Four Ways to Decide if You Should Show or Tell

Show, don’t Tell is a common guideline authors hear over and over. But does this mean you should never “tell”? No, of course not, but it does mean we have to figure out the best places in our writing where “telling” is better than “showing” and vice versa. In this … READ MORE