Two Steps to Get to Know Your Story

Before you get started writing your book, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the story you want to tell. Now, I will say that this might feel anti-climactic for you spontaneous pantsers out there, but just hear me out. Knowing the story you want to write does not … READ MORE

Why a positive creativity mindset is so important

A positive creativity mindset is so important because it affects how you’re able to show up to your writer (creative) self, how you allow or disallow creative energy to flow through you, and the state of your creative self. We hear a lot about obstacles such as writer’s block, “no … READ MORE

Why You Need Structure in Your Story

Storytelling is an organic process. For that reason, each story evolves in different ways and at different paces depending on the nature of the story and the story teller. This means you’re facing both an easy and a difficult situation. Easy because that means you are free to tell the … READ MORE

When a Writing Routine isn’t Essential

When a Writing Routine Isn't Essential | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Last week my family went on vacation. This is fairly unusual in that it was a non-working vacation. I did not bring my laptop or any writing material. I brought a book. To read. For pleasure. Very, very unusual. As a freelance writer + editor with no staff to pawn … READ MORE