Two Steps to Get to Know Your Story

Before you start writing your book, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the story you want to tell. This may make you think you can’t freely explore your story, but this is actually a great way to get to know your story better so you can write it … READ MORE

Why a positive creativity mindset is so important

Nurturing a positive creativity mindset is one of the most important aspects of a successful creative life. Staying positive affects how you’re able to show up to your writer self, how you allow or disallow creative energy to flow through you, and the state of your creative self. In today’s … READ MORE

Why You Need Structure in Your Story

There’s resistance swirling around out there about story structure, so writers avoid it like the plague. This is too bad as structure can be the difference between the story you love and the story your audience loves. In today’s blog post I’m going to share my take on why you … READ MORE

When a Writing Routine isn’t Essential

When a Writing Routine Isn't Essential | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Writing routines are a beautiful way to help keep us motivated and on task. However, what happens if you can’t stick to your routine? Do you  just not write? In today’s article I talk about my personal experience without my precious writing routine, the benefits to a writing routine,  why … READ MORE