Natural Writing Forces + Productivity

Natural Writing Forces and Writing Productivity | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

What does being a more productive writer mean to you? To be a more productive writer, you need to know WHAT that means in relation to your current circumstances. What you would like to see change? What would you like to maintain? Think about who you are as a person, … READ MORE

Four Key Components to a Good Story

Four Key Components to a Good Story | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

How do I turn a story idea into a story that people would want to read? So you have an idea and you wonder if it might make a good story. You play around with it, dress it up and take it out for coffee. You talk it over with … READ MORE

Curiosity Makes Writers

Curiosity Makes Writers | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

Curiosity is a live wire. Touch it, and sparks fly. Leave it alone, and you forget it’s there. Trust me, writers want the sparks to fly. Pay attention to what arouses your curiosity, explore the possibilities, wonder and ask questions. This is how writers begin. This is how they find … READ MORE

The Gift of Inspiration

It’s almost three months since writers reached the finish line of NaNoWriMo. If you participated, what have you done {with your NaNo project} since? Some writers ignore the “deadline” of November 30th, and keep writing. Others heave a huge sigh of relief, save their latest draft (you did save your … READ MORE