Announcing Author H. A. Dawson

Welcome H. A. Dawson, author of the psychological suspense series “Circles Of Subterfuge.”


I regularly read Kate’s Facebook threads on writing, book critique analysis and author support. She has a wide audience with different abilities and her professional encouragement has long-term benefits.

The subject threads spurred me on to muse about an author’s relationship with fear!

Fear oozes from the pores of every animal under stress and humans are no exception. It’s innate to our social structure, part of belonging and vital for survival.

Fear nurtures wisdom for anyone who strives to write whether it’s material for blogs, articles, non-fiction, short stories or a series of novels. Bravery is our way of handling the primal mechanism. No, this is not a science paper!

During our lives fear is a constant element, “we are all our own worst enemies.” Social media has inundated our lives, spreading misinformation to frustrate common sense, causing unreasonable fear. Fear is invasive acting like a virus. Don’t panic!

Let’s apply this emotion by using it for motivation. Most writers battle with lots of little monsters including inadequacy, fitting into helpful peer groups, and then the “big daddy” the horrid curse of publisher and agent rejection. We form many expectations before we put any words into a manuscript.

Put fear on a leash: Learn to enjoy your style of storytelling as it develops, there are many facets in growing your skill sets, and very few involve torture. If you chat with friends after aerobics, zumba, yoga or like me play tennis, there’s nothing better than the banter of a small group taking refreshments afterwards. We engage in anecdotes, useless information, odd tales which generate laughter, sometimes we’re that relaxed any onlooker may think “what a set of raucous fools”! Each of the former scenarios combat fear, we feel safe, comfortable and protected by numbers.

Fear knows no bounds, be prepared for more.


As I write this passage, it’s an appropriate time to mention grammar analysis tools; they are my bane, an ally, and a cautious virtual friend: apparently you need a degree to read this post! What!

Don’t ignore wordiness issues; be ruthless, eradicate unnecessary text, most of us prefer to read simple sentences, as they glide without breaking the rhythm. I have suffered the fear of “wordiness” but now I embrace the “less is more” philosophy. My psychological mystery suspense books score better than my musings.

Fear is a tool both in writing, marketing and propaganda. The “fear of missing out” is most prominent in our modern world. Our frenetic activities mask it, it sneaks past us and then it slams us down, we declare “I didn’t see it coming” and other phrases

The 1932 quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt “nothing to fear, except fear itself” is an open loop. It questions the whole concept of danger and all it engenders.

So use the effects of fear, to change scenes, elevate the tension, to make your characters vulnerable and personable. Fear gives a tangible sense to all spheres of writing, apply it to any genre, it provides space for excitement, uncertainty, and introspection.

After 11 years of assembling a respectable collection of 30 books, my major fear concerns whether I have an audience for my books that have a desire to read and enjoy the experience.

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H. A. Dawson was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, U.K, once a city at the heart of the Victorian wool textile industry.

I’ve lived for the thrills of adventure; you can package a lot of excitement backpacking from the Americas, Africa to Australia. My travels included bouts of sea and river kayaking, windsurfing, white-water rafting and paragliding. Scuba diving is wonderful for the variety of ocean creatures.

Domestic activities: Playing tennis, swimming, growing fruit and vegetables. Tending a menagerie of domestic animals; keeping North European honey bees, excellent for pollinating my fruit trees and vegetable crops. My garden layout encourages a wide variety of insects and wildlife. The latter makes photography a breeze.


My writing and genres:

12 years ago I discovered Alfred Hitchcock a 20th century film director and writer. His techniques in film making intrigued me, inspiring me to try this dynamic art after reading classic SF authors such as Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Greg Bear and many others. You not obliged to write in the same genre as you read

I was angry at first as after attempting three 100,000 word novels, they were utter rubbish! I bought several books on storytelling and dived deep into the fascinating realm of human behaviour. I chose mystery suspense thrillers as the central core of my writing with subgenres; psychological and private investigators.

Most days I must be prised away from my battered laptop as I’m so immersed in the creative process, it’s addictive. It must be, as somehow I’ve accumulated 30 individual books.

My books are available on Amazon, Applebooks, Barnes and Noble, Googleplay, Kobo and many other sites.

I am promoting my series “Circles Of Subterfuge”

Never To Be Ignored (Circles of Subterfuge Book 1)


Stolen By Jackdaws (Circles Of Subterfuge Book 2)


Struck With Venom (Circles Of Subterfuge Book 3)


Broken Shards (Circles Of Subterfuge Book 4)


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