How to Begin Crafting Character Arcs

Learn how to craft character arcs with these beginning steps with Kate Johnston | Writing Coach and Author

Where is your character right this second? Do you know where he’s going to end up? Will he follow a logical, tension-filled, engaging path? What is his character arc? Character arc, writers, is one of those necessary pre-writing decisions you need to make for your story. The type of character … READ MORE

What are the most common weak words?

Weak words are a story’s nemesis. They are easy to use, serve multiple purposes, and act as quick fillers–but they drag your story down and dim your writing. They crop up like kittens unless we are paying strict attention to each sentence we compose. If you’re concerned with the popular … READ MORE

What is Your Writing Process of Choice?

Writing process is the system writers use to begin and finish their projects. Each process will vary from writer to writer. Some writers are overwhelmed by the need to tell a story, caring only about letting the story loose onto the page, wildly spilling forth the characters, setting, and problems, … READ MORE