One of the many grumblings I hear among people on social media is that they struggle with self-management = accountability. This includes sticking to goals, organization, time, attention/distraction. As lone wolves, writers are forced to rely on themselves to get the work done, however they planned it. Or didn’t plan … READ MORE

Writing with your Inner Critic

Writing with your inner critic | Kate Johnston | Writing Coach | Editor

My inner critic first visited me when I was in junior high school, and she has never left. I christened her ‘Eris’ after I took a mythology course. I thought it was appropriate. If Eris were a character in a novel, I would describe her as a dangerously beautiful pirate, … READ MORE

And You’re a Writer

When someone comes up to me and tells me they’ve been struggling with setting up daily writing habits, committing to a writing practice, or even time management (fitting writing into a busy lifestyle), one of the first questions I will ask: Have you identified yourself as a writer? Identity is … READ MORE

Just 15 Minutes

I call myself a Time Warrior because I know how to make time to write. As someone who juggles family, freelance jobs, environment activism, pets from pre-dawn to good-night kisses, I can still get in two hours at least of writing every day. My fast-action schedule doesn’t leave a lot … READ MORE