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My fundraising project Dare to be a Voice is officially published in both e-book and print versions. This would make an EXCELLENT gift for someone in your life who LOVES wildlife, who LOVES our planet, and who WANTS to read some fun, creative stories by talented young writers!

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If you are interested in helping share this book to your family and friends, that would be amazing! Give me a shout below if you’d like to be a part of our street team!

DON’T FORGET! Proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to two non-profit organizations: World Wildlife Fund and Center for Wildlife. Both organizations are committed to protecting our planet for future generations (that means OUR kids and grandkids because we are already in the throes of disaster).

This week I’m showcasing three more writers who contributed stories to this project…


 Luisa was born in Mixco, Guatemala (which is in Central America), but now she lives in Dover New Hampshire with her brother, mother, father, dog named Abby and two guinea pigs named Honey and Minnie.

She currently is attending Dover Middle School. When she grows up she wishes to become either an architect or a translator.

You can usually find her snuggled up in a blanket reading a book, writing, or drawing.  She is interested in learning other languages and is teaching herself Spanish!  Luisa enjoys traveling. Luisa is in Girl Scouts. She is also on the school’s cross-country team, plays softball, and in winter she skies with her family.

Luisa also loves animals including dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, capybaras, and especially horses which she loves to ride.

Some of her favorite books are No Talking, The Hobbit, Esperanza Rising, The War That Saved My Life, Harry Potter, 11 Birthdays, and many others.

This short story is her first and she hopes you enjoy it and get lost in it which is one of her favorite things to do.

Not in her darkest corner can she see the horrors of the semimens’ world. She can’t possibly imagine what we will find when we reach the Sagameras, how many trees will already have been lost. And all she has is the power of water. What good will that do? How will her water power save the forest? Maple seems to think Salvia can do anything, but she is wrong. So wrong.

She is ahead of me when I hear a faint scream coming from the distance. It is not a normal scream of fear or joy that one usually hears. It is the scream of loss. A burden not of one’s own but of another.

It is Salvia screaming.

When I reach her, I cannot find words. She is standing at the border to the semimens’ world, to a place of loss. She has seen the true devastation of deforestation. Trees burning, swallowed by smoke and ash.

We stare at the ruins for I don’t know how long. Finally she whispers, “Who could do this?”


I’m Victor Thompson and I was born on January 24, 2006 in Dover, NH. I have lived in Dover my whole life. Ever since I was pretty young, I wanted to write the stories that were read to me. I had dreams of getting them published, just like the ones I read. Now, I realize that there is a slim chance that my writing would be good enough for publishers unless I improve my writing skill, but I may just be underestimating myself!

Now, onto some basic info. My favorite movies are Aladdin, Wall-E, The Road to El Dorado, ParaNorman, and Epic (2013). Some things that I’m afraid of are clowns, spiders, snakes, big planes, needles (if you want to see a demon, see me get any type of shot), stings/bees, and public speaking.

My favorite animals are sharks and cats. I’m a large cat fanboy, doing anything I can do to defend them. My favorite types of soda are Mello Yello, Pepsi, and Surge. I’m also a night-owl and a loner.

Some of my interests are anything computer or video-game related, software/game development, science, music, cooking, writing, trains, urban exploring, aviation, and hockey. I’m a large road geek, finding anything about roads satisfying, especially signs!


Jackson got the super-equippers out from their secret super-equipment closet. They tested the non-destructive tools and made sure all their equipment was polished to a shine.

“Why do we need superhero suits for this, exactly? Do we really need to destroy this thing or person?”

“We need superhero suits because . . . there’s obviously a villain destroying forest, fields, meadows, and yards with that laser. Who knows how much of the wildlife is being destroyed too! Also, this villain is replacing our town’s nature with concrete tiles! Destroying villains always calls for a superhero suit, too!” replied Jackson. While he was saying that, he got the second Super-Equipper 6900 out. “We have to destroy this thing or else the whole town will become one enormous concrete tile!”

“Hmm . . . makes sense,” Perry replied.


Shivani Ganer is one of the authors of this story. She is more of a Veronica person (a character in her story). She is eleven years old. She likes sports. She is on a swim team. She also plays tennis, and does a little bit of cross country. Her hobbies are playing sports and drawing. She has one sister, and her name is Shreeya. Shivani is an Indian. She was born in India. She loves her family and friends. Shivani lives in Dover, New Hampshire.


Siri Bompelli is the author of this story along with Shivani Ganer. Siri is more of a Sirina person (a character in her story). Siri likes drawing and spends most of her time painting. She plays tennis, badminton, and enjoys hiking. She was also born in India, and she loves her family and friends. Siri is eleven years old and lives in Dover, New Hampshire.  

As they pulled the enormous leaves off the tree, Sirina yelped with excitement. “Look what I found! Another symbol!”

“Yes! Let’s hurry!”

They found the trail easily but it was for a sad reason. They reached the end of the forest. Standing at the edge of the burned ground, they stared across what used to be more beautiful rainforest. Smoky air hovered above stumps and ashes.

In the distance, they saw a huge machine cutting down a tree. The roar from the machine horrified the group. It was the same awful sound they’d been hearing since they arrived.

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Thank you so much for your support of Dare to be a Voice!

Have a writerly day!

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  1. Powerful writing from young authors! I’m looking forward to reading my copy during some down time over the holidays. They should be very proud of their work!

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