How to Use Strengths and Weaknesses to Develop a Character

Character development is one of the most important big picture elements writers need to focus on when they begin a novel. Both internal and external development boil down to a character’s strengths and weaknesses. The terms “character strengths,” “character weaknesses,” and “character flaws” are often used to describe internal and … READ MORE

Your Secret Garden of Writing

We all have a story we tell more for our own indulgence or self-help than to entertain others. Sometimes we keep these kinds of stories in journal form, safe from prying eyes. Other times, these kinds of stories seep out to the world when we’re feeling brave and sure. No … READ MORE

Writers—Start Your NaNoWriMo Engines

Starting November 1st writers across the globe will be hunkering down at their laptops, desktops, paper, what-have-you, and crafting a brand-new story for National Novel Writing Month. We get thirty days to write 50,000 words. A writing frenzy that will require loads of caffeine, inspiration, and perseverance. In 2011, I participated for … READ MORE

How to Discover your Protagonist’s Story Goal

Your protagonist (or any POV character, for that matter) needs to have a story goal. This is above and beyond an urge or desire or hope.  A story goal is concrete, and it requires steps that will lead the character into the story’s conflict. Your character may be dissatisfied with … READ MORE