Letter to a Young Writer

Dear Young Writer, I can feel the rhythm of your heart pick up when we walk into a bookstore. The light in your eyes reflects goldfoil and gloss, your hands respectful in their discovery of story. You have a dream to be a published author, a real one with real … READ MORE

Who is the Best Character to Tell the Story?

Point of view (POV) is a course in itself. Seriously. There are so many facets to think about with point of view – and many of them must be decided before you even begin to write your book. Telling your story from the WRONG POV is very easy to do. … READ MORE

Two Tricks to Unblock Writer’s Block

Hey there, Writers! Popping in with a mini-post on WRITER’S BLOCK for y’all! This is one of my lessons from my FREE writing course How to Fill Your Creative Well. I’m sharing with you because it’s valuable advice for any writer at any part of the journey that they can use … READ MORE

Short Story Published — “A Forgotten Way”

A new short story of mine has been published by Piscataqua Press in Wayfaring, a literary anthology. “A Forgotten Way” is a story about Della, a mom who has suffered a devastating loss. Her grief and guilt are so great she is neglecting her nine-year-old daughter Julia. My childhood home … READ MORE