Writing Inspiration from Childhood Memories

I grew up in a somewhat idyllic, magical setting—by my standards. When I was about two years old, my parents bought a gorgeous three-story Federal-style brick house with an attached barn. The property included a sprawling wildflower meadow, a fruit orchard, woods, and a pond large enough for kayaking and … READ MORE

Gift of the Writing Life

Gift of the Writing Life is an inspirational post written by Kate Johnston | Author & Story Coach to encourage writers to seek out a connection to the natural world to help them forge their path on their writing journey.

This post is about writing and the writing life but more to the point, it’s about spiritual connection with the animal world. Many of you might know about my intensely serious investment in protecting wildlife and wild places. I even started a fundraising page through WWF. Also, I’m in the midst … READ MORE

How You can Achieve your Writing Goals and be a More Productive Writer

This how to become a more productive writer essay shows that you can achieve your writing goals and be a more productive writer as long as you know under which conditions you work best, which she refers to as natural writing forces. Here’s how you can be a more productive writer

Deadlines, goals, accountability, and schedules can all play important roles toward helping you become a more productive writer. But if you are having trouble achieving your goals or meeting deadlines, then it might be because you don’t know how to effectively work in certain situations. Every writer has a unique … READ MORE