Why You Can’t Balance Your Writing Life

One of the biggest mistakes writers make is their ongoing search for balance in their writing life. Balance doesn’t exist, not in the sense that we need it to. You see, balance requires control. We humans cannot control anything externally, much less internally, and when we try, bad things happen. … READ MORE

Characteristics of a Writer

Writers fall somewhere on the spectrum between Exploratory and Intentional. Read the post to find out what kind of writer you are.

A couple of writing pals of mine once got into a debate over whether to characterize a mutual friend as a writer. She penned a novel-length journal of her summers with her grandmother. She had no intention of publishing the material or sharing it with anyone. She merely wanted to … READ MORE

How Creative Force Outmuscles Disaster

How Creative Force Outmuscles Disaster | If you're feeling helpless in times of disaster then this post is for you. It will inspire you to take action on on issues that matter to you instead of retreating. Click through to find your creative force!

  Wow, the world sure looks different when I’m not writing. And I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense. This summer I went underground to get some writing done. Avoided pretty much all forms of social media and immersed myself in a couple of different “imaginary” worlds—imaginary … READ MORE