Save El Lobo Writing Competition

Want a PRIZE for helping me raise money for El Lobo, the Mexican gray wolf?

“On March 29, 1998, 11 captive-reared Mexican gray wolves were released to the wild for the first time in the Blue Range Recovery Area of Arizona and New Mexico. Missing from the landscape for more than 30 years, the howl of the rarest and most unique subspecies of gray wolf was once again greeted by the mountains of the southwest. This year marks the 19th anniversary of this historic event, a significant milestone for the lobo and wildlife conservation.” Wolf Conservation Center, New York.






If you love wolves or even if you simply respect the right of the wolf to live as it was meant to live, then this contest is for you!!

Who is eligible for the writing contest?

Anyone who loves to write and wants to support El Lobo! This is for all ages, and all genres will be accepted.

Who is judging the writing contest?

The entries will be submitted anonymously to several judges who will be unmasked later …

Entries will earn points rubrik-style based on the following categories: Creativity, Originality, Gets-Me-In-The-Gut, Proper Grammar/Punctuation. The three entries with the most points will be awarded the prizes. If there is a tie, then my amazingly talented writer-daughter will be the tie breaker. I won’t be involved in the judging process.

FUN DEAL: If you aren’t up for submitting an entry, would you like to be a judge? All judges will get a PRIZE just for helping out! If you’re interested, email me at I will select the first 3 people I hear from.

UPDATE: My judging panel is filled and they are CHOMPING at the bit to read some cool stuff! Keep those entries coming!!

Rules? Yes, there are rules.

-Contest entries must feature a wolf in some way, although the wolf does not have to be the main character, or a character at all.

-Contest entries must feature the wolf species in a positive or hopeful light. Anti-wolf submissions will be disqualified.

-Maximum word length: 250.

-The deadline for this contest is March 31, 2017 11:59 pm, EST. Winners will be announced on this blog, along with their entries, on April 10.

How to Enter:

-Send your contest entry in the body of an email (no attachments please!) to You may include a title, but it is not necessary.


-10 BONUS POINTS for signing up for my Museletter for Writers here.

-10 BONUS POINTS for sharing on social media and linking back to this specific post on my blog.

-For each social share, you get an extra 5 points! Just link back to my blog so I know you did it!

Prizes? Yes, there are prizes.

  • Wolf Conservation Center is selling this T-shirt. That’s the Grand Prize. Winners get to select color and size. If you’d rather forego the shirt, I will make a monetary donation to Wolf Conservation Center.
  • A free copy of any of my e-books.
  • 20% off any of my writing or editing or coaching services.
  • Some other doo-dads I haven’t decided on yet. Any suggestions? Add them in the comments!
  • The knowledge that your writing entry has helped us protect the 400 remaining Mexican Wolves in the country, with the hope that we can grow that number to a more sustainable population size!
  • I will personally donate $5.00 to Wolf Conservation Center for EVERY entry I receive. So with your 250 words or less you can help support this amazing place!! That’s a prize for the center, and a prize for your heart and soul!!
  • UPDATE — and this is HUGE — We have a MATCHING DONOR!! Yes! Now, for every entry I receive $10.00 will be donated to Wolf Conservation Center. Send in your entry before the DEADLINE MARCH 31, 11:59 PM EST!!

Save El Lobo Writing Competition at


I am really excited to be able to offer this contest, and I hope you will all take part! Even if you aren’t interested in winning, please use this opportunity to build your writing skills. You know I’m a Time Nazi, and I believe that writing every day is the best way to improve your writerlyness!

Have a writerly day and I hope to see your Save El Lobo entry in my in-box this week!

35 thoughts on “Save El Lobo Writing Competition”

  1. Fun idea, Kate! A worthy cause, and one obviously close to your heart. I will try to submit if I can make the 250 words work. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr now, to help spread the word to other writers. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your support, Mayumi–I see that you’ve already been busy spreading the word. That is beyond awesome. I know the wolves will appreciate it–actually, they’re howling their thanks now! 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful idea, Kate! I’d like to enter the contest, but because of some personal ‘stuff’ going on, I won’t be able to this time. Best of luck – I really applaud you for keeping us all aware of the fate of the Gray Wolf.

    • Sorry to miss out on your entertaining writing, Pam! Thank you for stopping by though, and if you get a chance to shout out the contest to your other writing friends I would really appreciate it! 🙂 Everyone is welcome to participate!

  3. Hmmm. Love your idea! Wish my most recent story about the wolf at the door put wolves in a better light. But it was a fractured fairy tale for adults, and as we all know, wolves in fairy tales are villains. Hope you get lots of entries!

    • Sorry to hear that, Jilanne. You raise a sad truth about traditional fairy tales–they are part of the reason for such irrational fear of wolves! It is my hope with challenges such as these that we can turn the tables and spotlight wolves in a more favorable way.

  4. My daughter had a pack of wolves near Mt Rainier in Washington state howling nearby for hours one night as she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (alone!!!!). They are making a little bit of a comeback in the area, which I think is a good thing…though I am grateful she only heard them and they didn’t get close enough to see. I love your passion for them, Kate. You are wonderful!!

    • LOL, healthy wolves wouldn’t have posed a threat to her–unless she is part ungulate? 🙂 The tragic history of wolves is what started me on my crusade to speak up for all endangered wildlife, and to try to do what I can for them. Looking back, I wish I’d majored in wildlife biology. I think I would have enjoyed that kind of work.

      I hope you’ll consider entering the contest, Denise. I’m donating $5 to Wolf Conservation Center for every entry I receive!!

      • Hi Kate, I think you would have enjoyed that line of work, too. I’m glad you found another avenue to use your passion and creativity to help wildlife. I’ve been on a writing hiatus for quite a while now, but am actively revising my schedule to get back in the saddle. Looking forward to getting caught up on reading, writing, and the blogging world soon. xo

  5. Hi Kate. You always have such interesting things to share with us and now this great contest. I’m still away on my last week of vacation, so I won’t be jumping in on this one, but count on me to share around for you. And ironically, while I was here in Arizona, I went to the Artist’s festival in town and met a sculptor who sculpted a beautiful bronze statue of the Gray Wolf and told me a lot about the history of them and how they’ve become almost extinct. Just thought I’d share. 🙂

    • Thank you, Debby! So sorry to miss out on an entry from you, but I do appreciate the sharing across social media channels. That’s a huge help! Ooh, I bet that statue was gorgeous. I love knowing that the sculptor not only created a statue, but also took care to learn their history. That’s true passion.

  6. This is such a great idea – I’m not writing these days but I still wanted to spread the word through twitter. I love wolves so much that I named my dog Lupa!

  7. So I discovered your contest an hour ago and just submitted my entry! I have been working on a lobo-related novel for a few, erm cough, YEARS. I will share on Facebook and Twitter, but I fear I’m too late to help boost the entry count, but awareness is always good! Thank you…

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