It’s a 60-Degrees-in-February Blog Party!

It’s a 60-Degrees-in-February Blog Party!

Yes, it really is 60 degrees this February day in New Hampshire, and I feel like partying!


Let’s make a blogger’s day!

Leave a link to another blogger’s blog in the comments with a brief explanation of what the blog is about, or why you love it so much, or why you want to share this particular post! Visit other blogs left in the comment section and tell them “I want to make a blogger’s day!” and they might click to yours to thank you! (So make sure your blog is all spruced up for visitors!)

Here’s a blog I think you all should check out:

Anita Lubesh – a writer of luscious poetry, prose, and stories. She is also a huge supporter of conservation organizations, which makes me a double fan of hers! Please take a few minutes to read some of her gorgeous poetry and leave her a comment about how you found her!

Just a few rules:

  1. Only link to someone else’s post, not your own.
  2. Only link to G-rated or PG-rated posts, please.
  3. Visit at least one post listed in the comment section and leave the blogger a comment. Remember, the idea is to make a blogger’s day –  bloggers love comments!
  4. Spammers? Go ahead, make my day.
  5. Have fun!



Have a writerly party!!



25 thoughts on “It’s a 60-Degrees-in-February Blog Party!”

    • Thank you so much for introducing me to a blogger I hadn’t read before! I swung by to read, and I immediately connected to her touching experience with her youngest and how she connected all of that to her dreams. So wonderful!

      • You’re welcome. Allie has a way with words that draws me into her life every time.

        Your idea for this blog party is wonderful, btw. I like promoting other people better than I like promoting myself.

      • I’m the same way, Ally. I’ve seen blog parties all around, and while I relish the idea of meeting new bloggers I hate doing it through some sort of me-me-me-me-me shout-outs. This way feels so much more generous and heartfelt!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Carrie. I don’t know Joey, so I was excited to read a new blog, and to see pics of doors–ah yes!–I love pics of doors! I think it’s the symbolism of doors that I am drawn to, but also I love imagining what might be behind them. Now Joey has a new follower! 🙂

    • Thank you for introducing me to Harry’s blog. I had fun perusing his site and looking at his artwork. I loved the piece he wrote about raking the coal from the sea. Thanks for swinging by and hanging at the party!

  1. Yes it wasn’t far from that temp here yesterday too! Just a teaser I’m sure, as the west coast is getting crazy cold and rain. I’ll leave my friend Hugh Roberts’ blog. He’s always got some great challenge going and is a wonderful short story writer. He’s also on the committee of the U,K. Blogger’s Bash 🙂

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