Go Ahead. Make a Blogger's Day!

After celebrating my second year of blogging, I thought more about why this particular realm of social media is important to me. I know I have said it here and here and here that the connection I have with fellow bloggers has encouraged me to continue my writing journey.

After I warmed up to blogging, I decided I wanted to create a place where writers can come and share their thoughts, dreams, and fears in a supportive atmosphere. So far, I think I have managed that. I love the conversations we strike up, the encouragement passed back and forth, and the overall camaraderie. That’s what writers need in order to thrive. We may prefer to write alone, but we need to vent and cheer with friends. These thoughts led me to an idea.

Go ahead, make a blogger's day!
Go ahead, make a blogger’s day!

Go Ahead, Make a Blogger’s Day.

Comment below with a link to a post from someone else’s blog. Briefly explain why this particular post struck a chord with you, or even, made your day.

Then, take the opportunity to click on a link or two shared by fellow bloggers and read a post you might not have seen otherwise. I encourage you to comment on the post, let the blogger know someone thought their post was meaningful enough to share with friends.

Just a few rules:

  1. Only link to someone else’s post, not your own.
  2. Only link to G-rated or PG-rated posts, please.
  3. Visit at least one post listed in the comment section and leave the blogger a comment. Remember, the idea is to make a blogger’s day –  bloggers love comments!
  4. Spammers? Go ahead, make my day.

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  1. What a great idea! And that is one of the lovely things about the blogging community – sharing and supporting! My first thought when I read this post was to link to a post from someone who doesn’t have many followers yet to help them out, but actually, there’s a different one I want to share from a very popular blog, Sips of Jen and Tonic, and she’s popular for a reason! Usually she writes humorous posts, but recently she wrote a more serious one entitled “Things my therapist has taught me” – a couple of things on there really resonated with me, and plus I shared it with someone else who was going through a difficult time and she found it really helpful too, so maybe it can help others, and that’s why I’m sharing it – http://sipsofjenandtonic.com/2013/11/07/things-my-therapist-has-taught-me/ I shall pop back here later and have a look at some others that people have linked to!

  2. A post like this is a great way to share with fellow bloggers. I hear horror stories about trolls and other nasty folks in some corners of Blog Land, but I’ve never encountered one in our particular corner. Ours is a great place to find support and encouragement!

    One of my favorite posts is from Harvesting Hecate, Andrea Stephenson’s blog on life, writing, creativity and magic. I struggled mightily with writer’s block earlier this year, and this timely post on the subject was the biggest help for me in overcoming it: http://harvestinghecate.wordpress.com/2013/07/12/lying-fallow-2/

    I highly recommend the post and her blog. Like Vanessa, I’ll drop by later to check out more of the links!

  3. I have a confession to make . . . I haven’t been reading as many posts as I used to and I probably will never go back to that simply because there aren’t enough hours in the day. However, just after I stopped reading this post, I saw a post sent to my e-mail and the title caught my eye. (but. i do feel. i feel everything. too much.). I have followed Brown Paper Bag girl for a while, but haven’t read anything of hers for who knows how long. However, I wandered over there in the spirit of your post and this is what I read http://brownpaperbaggirl.com/2013/11/12/but-i-do-feel-i-feel-everything-too-much/

    It’s beautiful and speaks to my very soul.

  4. There are so many bloggers whose words inspire and entertain me that I can’t choose just one. But what a lovely blog post idea. I’ll try to stop back later to browse through some of the links. 🙂

  5. There are three bloggers that come to mind, simply because they are so powerful in writing about the world as it is, or perhaps better said, as it appears to me and many others around me. I have this notion that when this terrible period of greed, power and selfishness turns for something better, it will be partly because of the way that us bloggers offer messages that can spread around the world like the speed of a dart.

    So first up is Patrice Ayme, try this recent post: http://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/no-ideology-but-wealth/

    Then George Monbiot, and this is a recent and powerful essay: http://www.monbiot.com/2013/11/11/why-politics-fails/

    And the last of my three is Tom Engelhardt who writes the TomDispatch blog, and here’s a recent one that deserves promotion: http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175771/tomgram%3A_engelhardt%2C_a_surveillance_state_scorecard/

    So far from entertaining stuff but, nonetheless, inspiring. Well, inspiring to this cranky old Brit down in Oregon!

    Great idea, 4am!

  6. Love the spirit here! Here’s a link to children’s author, Susanna Hill’s blog. Today she’s asking for suggestions/advice for an author, Sue Weeding, who has written a picture book called Diary of a Heroic Horse. It’s all in the spirit of bloggers and writers helping one another. So if anyone has experience with writing blurbs or any advice for an author trying to raise awareness for animal welfare, here’s the link: http://susannahill.blogspot.com/2013/11/would-you-read-it-wednesday-112-special.html Thank you! 🙂

    • What a sad story, but with hope at the end. So, really, the best kind of story. I have to think about that blurb — it does need some work. But they got some really good suggestions. Hopefully, sales will perk up with a new blurb! Thanks for sharing.

  7. An it WORKED! Good shtufffs, you.

    i hope my reply to your comment, adequately expressed my delight. Your appearance, an comment, after the fact, seems somewhat coincidence, edging close to serendipity (which is happens to be the spice in my salsa, Et. al). In part, due to conversations with another person, around the notion, that meaning and purpose is not necessarily about perspective, even empathy -that the notion of enabling, oneself, even others is the true game changer. What you did here, goes to enabling, to which I am grateful, to you and to the other ‘Enabler’, Neeks.

  8. This is such a great idea and now I have so many new blogs to explore. These posts sound great – powerful, moving, funny. I’ll have to spend Saturday morning reading through them with a good cup of coffee!

    There are so many great blogs and posts I’ve read over the past year but the concept in this one has stayed with me. Such a simple concept … say Yes … but not simple to do. I try but I can do better). Here’s the link: http://deborah-bryan.com/2013/05/26/my-manif-yes-to/


  9. Hello Kate,

    That’s good advice I dare say. But frankly I would much prefer to roam and browse unfettered. Somehow every time I find I have to follow a procedure makes me feel constricted. What would you say to that?


  10. How about three? I can’t decide. There’s Nick Owchar (former LA Times book reviewer) at Call of the Siren: http://nickowchar.wordpress.com

    And then there are the inseparable “twins,” Fiction Fan: http://fictionfanblog.wordpress.com
    and LadyFanciful: http://ladyfancifull.wordpress.com

    All three are highly entertaining and skillful book reviewers. In fact, they read and review so many books, you’ll find yourself heading to the bookstore nearly every day. I do. It’s an addiction!


  11. Oh 4am thanks for starting me snivelling and dewy eyed in gratitude this morning! What a very lovely and generous idea. And of course to Jilanne for posting the link to my blog and my inseparable (if you count 600 miles or so, in geography and different countries, no less!) twin my very good virtual bloggy and reviewing pal Fiction Fan

    As for some I lurk around and impatiently wait for their post – 2 booky, 1 scientific

    The scientific is the excellent Medical Revolt, an American intern married to a Complementary health Practitioner, who is passionate about using natural medicine and is a marvellous source of information and research (I am passionate about natural medicine myself, so its great to have someone with a hard science background coming away for evidence based information about natural medicine. He is currently working his way through researching Vitamins, and educating this reader LOADS http://medicalrevolt.com/

    Then there is the marvellously gossipy interestingliterature, who invites guest academics to whet the appetite of the booky, by giving fascinating facts about writers, writing, genres

    Finally, the soulful Emily Ardan, with her poem every day (well, not quite every day) – she takes poems and does a loving critique of them, not in a sterile, murder to dissect way, more in the way of engaging with her own careful, tender response to poetry, and so deepening YOUR response to a poem. Each poem discussed is given in entirely, and she follows this with ‘guided analysis’ – but it is in a very dynamic way http://emilyspoetryblog.com/

    Of course, had Jilanne not done this already, I would have had Fiction Fan, and Jilanne herself heading my list!

    I shall now go link clicking and see who else to discover.

    Thanks again for the generosity and fun in your idea!

    PS – get your own pizza! But………if its food you are after. I discovered the freshly pressed blog of a young vegetarian photographer (yes, an odd, but to me appealing combo, as a vegetarian who does like drooling over food and pics of food I have just started following her, after the seduction of pictures of chocolate AND THE RECIPES so I made her ‘Italian Hot Chocolate drink’ last night and have to report I may need to do quite a lot of physical activity to offset the fact that this could be consumed regualarly here is the specific post :

  12. Great idea for a post and thank, Jilanne, for the mention! I love trawling around other people’s blogs, mainly book sites, but other stuff too. Here’s my regular Friday favourite at The Punchy Lands – a weekly comedy skit by the strange but wonderful Professor VJ Duke. Today’s is part of his series of the strangest Holmes and Watson pastiches you will ever have encountered – do visit!


  13. This is a great idea, Kate. Your blog is so open and has so much interaction, I’m sure folks can find one or two new surprises in the comments list. 🙂

    Everybody here is already on my must-read blogger lists, so I’ll go in a slightly different direction: The Sheep-Free Knitter is my friend Abigail’s blog. It’s mostly about her knitting projects, but it ventures into some more family-based territory, on occasion. Still, her project photos are always so cute, I love to look at them, even if I’m not a knitter, myself. Here’s a link to her first entry for 2013 National Blog Posting Month: http://abigailvr.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/nablopomo-day-1-apparently-im-a-giver/

    Happy skipping, everyone!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Mayumi. I just stopped by there. What fun! I don’t knit, and I am envious of people who do. I love the idea of being able to take it on the go and work on it whenever you have a few minutes of downtime.

  14. Great idea!! We’re leaving a brand new blog we just started following, but we found her (Beth) following a link on a Guest Post of blogger, Eli Pacheco & his blog name is: COACH DADDY. This is actually the blogger we wanted to leave with you but figured the guest post would kill two blogs with one stone. lol 🙂 Eli coaches his daughters soccer team & is a wonderful person who blogs about life, as a father, coach & writer. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do. Now we will spend some time visiting these wonderful blogs. Thx!!

  15. Coarse it would’ve helped if we had left the link!!! LOL 🙂 This is what comes from ten hours of networking til 4 in the morning. Coarse we know 4am writer can totally relate! This is the name of the lovely lady (Beth) Carrots over Cake that Guest Posted the blogger we told you about. http://carrotsovercake.com/ This is the blog: COACH DADDY Eli Pacheco http://coachdaddyblog.wordpress.com/ Thx 4 being patient with us. We’re going to get some much needed rest. 🙂

  16. I am loving your blog! And I am loving this idea!!! (So funny, I’d gladly give you some pizza if I could send it through the computer as I’ve been on a pizza feeding frenzy all weekend)!

    The blog I want to share is not one particular post, but a particular site: Jackie Boone at 6 Months to Live has been a huge inspiration to me the past few years. Though I’ve never met her, we’ve become good blogging and phone buddies. I’ve been continually impressed with her work as she is step by step building her dreams and, in my opinion, inspiring others very successfully to do the same. I always feel like anything is possible when I’ve spent any amount of time on Jackie’s blog…

    Here is the site: http://www.6monthstolive.me

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks, Lindsey! No worries about the pizza — I just had some for dinner. So, I’m good for a couple of days. 🙂 The blog you have shared sounds awesome; I can’t wait to check it out. The title is intriguing, and I really hope it’s nothing so tragic. I’m hopping over there right now. Thank you so much for taking part in making a blogger’s day!

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